MAD Beirut – An Ad for a New Lebanese Nightclub

I am most definitely not into the Beirut clubbing scene. But this ad is simply awesome and it comes after a series of ads circulating the Lebanese scene that are also really well-made: the Fransabank ad, the Lebanese Brew ad or the Nadine Labaki Johnnie Walker one.

This ad, however, is not about a beer and not about a bank’s history. It’s simply about a new nightclub in Beirut called MAD Beirut. I had first seen the ad in my friend Ali El Dali‘s post about it, which he titled: This is what Beirut is all about.

While I disagree with Ali that this ad encompasses all that is Beirut, it showcases an aspect of the Lebanese population that many take for granted: the liveliness.

“Because you rocked the world, you shocked the world, you changed the world.”

Check out the ad: