Michel Hayek & Layla Abdul-Latif’s 2013 Predictions

You know what’s worrying? It seems that many of our politicians are seeking out private sessions with Mr. Clairvoyant over here to determine how they will proceed with the country’s business.

Michel Hayek might be slowly becoming the man who’s running everything in this country – he might as well tell a politician to act like a monkey and I’m sure that politician will do it.

Anyway, Hayek graced MTV yesterday with a set of “predictions” for 2013. I watched them. I wasn’t sure if I was watching Michel Hayek or reading an obituary but hey – Batroun, my district, seems to be coming to an economic boom (which I already told you about here) so I guess it all must be good. He also hinted that the elections will be postponed as some part of a deal between Hezbollah and Bkerke.

He didn’t coordinate with Layla Abdul Latif who went on LBC and disagreed with Mr. Hayek on the elections and on the matters of Israel. She thinks we won’t be facing much trouble with our enemy to the South. He thinks all hell will break loose. He says Mikati will resign – she says he’ll stay. On previous occasions she said the law to be used during the elections is the 1960s law, he says it will have “Fouad Boutros ideas.”

So which is it? Color me confused.

They do agree though on swine flu reaching Lebanon – not that’s any surprise seeing as swine flu has claimed a casualty in Palestine already.

Anyway, you can find the first set of Layla Abdul-Latif’s predictions here and her newest ones here. On the other hand, you can take the time and watch Michel Hayek and his excellent Arabic reading skills in the following videos – I had no idea تحالفاته  was such a hard word to pronounce:

There’s also Mike Feghali’s beard which went on OTV. But no one takes him seriously.

Oh and happy new year everyone!