Lebanon, What Have We Done Lately?

The I-bomb was dropped in a medical school class today.

Sitting there, actually paying attention for once, the American doctor was giving a lecture about various neurological conditions, one of which is Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is a disease that we don’t quite fully understand yet, similarly to many other diseases of the brain, and we don’t have much of it in Lebanon for one reason. And this reason was illustrated by research done by our neighbors to the South.


The word was dropped and those who weren’t paying attention suddenly perked up.

“Multiple Sclerosis has environmental factors relating to the weather. People who live the first 15 years of their life in warmer climates, such as Lebanon, have a much less predisposition to develop MS than those who live in colder climates. Immigrant studies were done in Israel regarding this issue and while we don’t understand the mechanism of why this happens, we are certain weather is a factor.”

As the lecture ended, I was wondering why isn’t Lebanon the country that gets to have its name mentioned by foreign doctors who come to other foreign countries to give guest lectures? Why isn’t my country the one with universities hell-bent on finding new breakthroughs and new discoveries in science and medicine and things that matter?

“Researchers in Lebanon have found a very important correlation between this factor and that disease” – said no one ever.

Then I realized, we’re too busy sending out useless drones to Israel that do nothing except boost our self-esteem and get some of us to freak out over potentially rubbing the thin-skinned bully to the South the wrong way, fight over an electoral law that will get us nowhere and sink deeper into an abyss of ignorance.

What have we done lately? Absolutely nothing worth mentioning.