The Superb Discourse Level of Nadim Koteich

This is a tweet by “journalist” Nadim Koteich. Let’s just leave it at that.


No, this is not photoshopped. This is a screenshot I took of this tweet. Tell me again, why shouldn’t this man be fired?

He didn’t even bother apologizing for the mayhem he caused in Beirut yesterday. He justified himself as being righteous – down to getting authorization from his wife. A mother who called him and asked what would have happened if one of those boys died got an answer about the courage of the Syrian Revolution. Because that makes so much sense, telling a woman that her son dying is okay.

And some people over on my Facebook timeline are “proud” to have him represent them.
كما تكونون يوَلّى عليكم.

And this, my readers, with his “air” and “sharmouta” is a future MP in our lovely state. God Bless the current form of March 14!

Fire Nadim Koteich Now

Some people are surely brainwashed. But the people don’t act without a trigger. The death of Wissam Al Hassan got them angry – but it didn’t get them to attack Lebanon’s Serail.

The funeral wasn’t even over yet when someone who was unkown to the majority of the Lebanese people decided to grab the microphone and start shouting.

He said every single thing unimaginable while the children of the person being buried cried their father. He worked the crowds’ instinct with cries of sectarianism and hate. He was uninhibited. He was out of line. And he took center stage.

Nadim Koteich called on these people not to hear their politicians and to attack the serail. Which they did. Nadim Koteich, the miracle child of Future TV, with a 30 minute TV show in which he provides “valuable” political analysis, the kind that doesn’t offer anything new except get people worked up and angry, needs to be fired.

A person like him, with obvious political prospects, doesn’t even have the inhibitions to know what can be said from what cannot. A person like him should never be given a platform because once he gets going, he doesn’t know where to stop.

I blame the politicians who saw it fit to give such a person a podium in order to shout. But I cannot ask for them to be fired. Is Nadim Koteich getting fired the best thing that can be done? No. The best solution would be an overhaul of our social system, one where people like Nadim Koteich would speak words that fall on deaf ears. But firing him is something that can be needed. If he remains in his job, spreading his poisonous, empty and useless words, it will seem as if it’s okay to get people to attack the Serail. It will seem as if what he did was nothing wrong.

He needs to be punished for what he has done. If it’s not for the sake of the country, let it be for the sake of the man whose funeral he just turned into a freakshow.

It would be a shame if history was to write that a man like Nadim Koteich managed to let the country slip into the mayhem it looks to be heading to. Such a disgrace of a human being.