Pictures from Old Beirut

Have you ever wondered how the Lebanese capital looked before it got turned into the concrete maze it is today? Well, I blogged a while back about Lebanon in its golden age. Since then, I’ve found many pictures of Beirut that precedes the rabid urbanism of today.

Beirut – 1900

Bourj Hammoud, circa 1930

Raouche, around 1925

Martyr’s Square, 1930

AUB, 1930

Martyr’s Square (Previously Bourj Square) – circa 1898

Ain el Mraysseh, 1930

Koraytem, around 1945

Gemmayze – 1900

Nahr el Mot, 1965

Place de l’Etoile – 1950

Ramlet el Bayda – 1974

Ain el Mraysseh – 1972