An Open Letter from the Syrian Revolutionaries to the Lebanese People

An open letter, written in Arabic, from the Syrian National Council to the Lebanese People has just surfaced online. You can check it here.

The highlights:

1) The open letter acknowledges the troubling Syrian-Lebanese relations and blames the Syrian transgressions in Lebanon on the tyrant Syrian regime.

2) The open letter declares that a free Syria will acknowledge Lebanon as a free and sovereign state, therefore the relations between both countries would become on equal footing, between equals.

3) A new Syrian regime will honor the Taef agreement and will look into all the Syrian-Lebanese accords, set the international borders between both countries (including Shebaa Farms) and regulate them, cancel the Higher Lebanese-Syrian Council, end the age of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon and look into the situation of the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons.

The open letter is more extended than this and it’s definitely worth a read. I don’t know to which extent I should believe all of this, but one can hope. Either way, down with the Assad regime and down with all the tyrants of the region.