An Update on the Land Sold in Keserwan to a Saudi Prince

Remember the land in Dlebta, Keserwan that was sold to a Saudi Prince and caused a frenzy among a decent portion of the Lebanese people a few months ago?

Well that Saudi Prince has decided to sell back the land to the Lebanese with the potential buyer being preferably Christian.
He didn’t specify how much he’d ask for the land so he might want to make a profit off of it. And that’s without even addressing the many loopholes that a shrewd business man can use in this case.

Crisis averted? Not quite.

The problem isn’t with the Saudi Prince himself, although some wanted to sell that point to make political gains, but it was with the simple idea that foreigners can apparently get the government to bend real estate laws at will in order for them to make transactions which many Lebanese can never dream to afford.

The problem isn’t solved with the Saudi prince selling the land back to a Lebanese with an advantage to someone Christian. The problem is solved when future deals such as things, regardless of where the land is situated or who the buyer is, cannot be fulfilled simply because they are illegal.

Some Christian political parties will somehow twist the Saudi Prince’s change of heart into a triumph for them. Anything can work before the 2013 elections. And people will forget such a thing happened – until it happens again.

A la prochaine.