A Song for the Lebanese Army by Nancy Ajram, Assi el Hellani, Wael Kfoury, Nawal El Zoghbi and Samir Sfeir: Jeish Lebnan

Because the only thing our singers and artists do when it comes to them being “active” is to, well, sing about it, we have a brand new song for the Lebanese Army.

Written by Nizar Francis and composed by Samir Sfeir, who also sings on it, the song is what you’d expect a song like it to be: dabke-ready with overly patriotic lyrics along with copious use of tebyid tnajer.

Kan sa3b l 3eish wel nas khifanin. Sar 3enna jeish wel jeish lebnani.

Life was hard and people were scared. And then we had an army, the Lebanese Army.

I’m not sure if it’s the collective of these five artists having millions of dollars among them but life is still hard for almost everyone else and people are still scared. But yes, let’s sing about it. Because that is the best way to support the army.

Majd Lebnan houwi jeish Lebnan.

The glory of Lebanon is the Lebanese Army.

I won’t even comment on that sentence.

You can listen to that song, which I think is absolutely useless, here:

If these artists wanted to support the army, how about they stop singing about it to make money and open up their credit cards and start donating?

I’m sure our army would appreciate their cash more than their song.

Oh wait. That’s what the Lebanese are good at. We’re all talk (or singing) and no show. Yalla 3al dabk√© fida l jeish!