But No One Asked If We Wanted To Pay To Get the Pope to Lebanon!

The following picture was shared yesterday by the Lebanese Laïque Pride Facebook page, as their way to refute the Pope’s visit.

It seems the Lebanese Laïque (Secular) Pride people are missing a key point to their notion of secularism. Being secular doesn’t mean not being religious. Being secular doesn’t mean you go nazi on any religious event in the country and being secular surely doesn’t mean being this narrow-minded.

I can give the Lebanese Laïque Pride many examples of bonafide laïque countries, the kind that these Laïque people would kill to have over here, that have hosted the Pope and even organized WYD (World Youth Day) before. But I won’t. What I will do however is list them a few things that I, as a Lebanese, wasn’t also asked if I wanted to pay for:

  1. The few billion dollars we had to pay post July 2006.
  2. The few billion dollars we had to pay post May 2008.
  3. The millions in losses that we had to incur over people closing roads and terrorizing citizens.
  4. The 40% increase to the salaries of MPs who do nothing and ministers who complain about not having electricity.
  5. The visit of Ahmedinejad to Lebanon back in 2010.

And the list goes on and on. Some of them will throw the “but Jesus wanted you to be poor” argument. They seem to forget apparently that paving roads, hiring organizers, hanging banners and taking care of logistics are matters that are not taken care of by the Holy Spirit and in fact need Earthly monetary input.

What has become clear also is that no other religious figure can have his visit this opposed. I invite you to check this Facebook status (click here). But we’ll take it. Like we’ve taken so many other things before. Because that’s what we do.

One thing has become evident though, there’s no way in hell I’m trusting those Lebanese Laïque Pride people in any of their events ever again. Because, you know, f*ck their logic.