Lebanese MP Elie Marouni Blames Lebanese Women For Getting Raped


She was asking for it is the excuse of every sexual predator out there to justify his insatiable thirst in violating the body of a woman who was not asking for it.

She was wearing a skirt too tight or too short. Her blouse was too revealing. She was flirting. Anything a woman does that can be interpreted in that rapist’s brain as an advance is considered as her “asking for it” without her being as such at all.

Now how about that mentality perpetuating in the mind of yet another misogynistic Lebanese who not only  has a wide platform to speak from, but also has the job to make sure women are a protected entity in society by legislating the laws for that purpose.

Zahle Kataeb MP Elie Marouni decided that standing up for women rights was not something on his agenda nor was it something he’s probably willing to entertain. Keep in mind, this man is responsible for making sure women are protected when they are raped, when they’re victims of domestic violence, just to name a few.

In a recent press conference (link), Marouni was not a fan of allowing Lebanese women to grant their nationality to their children. Why? Because we have a lot of Palestinians and Syrians (also known as very scary Muslims) who would “change the country’s demographics.”

That wasn’t the best part, however. When asked about the Lebanese penal code law that stipulates that a rapist can marry his victim whereby absolving him of his crime. His reply was as follows: “In some instances, one has to wonder about the woman that pushes a man to rape her. Thank you!”

He was thankful for the applause he got. Some of that applause was probably out of women as well for that horrifying statement. Yes, because it’s that unfathomable for Marouni apparently that a man should probably keep it in his pants until the woman “pushing” him says yes.

A feminist activist rose up to the occasion on the spot and chastised him for his statement, saying she was “ashamed” to have someone like him represent her in parliament. Marouni was then “offended” that she was ashamed.

“If only that woman whose name I don’t know and I don’t want to know who objected in such an offensive way had waited until the end of the conference to see how many women had taken their picture with me.”

Yes, because people posing for pictures with you is exactly the standard by which one judge’s your sexism and misogyny. That sad moment when a Lebanese MP is more taken aback by the fact that someone challenged his backward dogma than by the fact he thinks it’s okay in some cases for men to rape women in 2016.

Dear Mr. Marouni, I’m also ashamed to have you as a Lebanese MP, legislating (or not) on my behalf in any function, being a person who does not understand that people’s sanctity is holy. Also, being ashamed at you is not “offending” you. It’s probably the most courteous thing one could tell you at such a statement given the circumstances.

Why don’t you think about your female relatives for once? Put yourself in their shoes if only for a moment to see how despicable it is for their brother, their son, etc.. to say that them being violated can sometimes be justified or that they can sometimes be blamed for having a man force himself on them.

Mr. Marouni, this is the discourse in which you are taking away a woman’s right to her own body away from her, like almost every other right in this God forsaken country that has been taken away from those same women you believe can be sometimes blamed for being raped.

I fail to see how anyone such as you can be trusted to come up and defend laws that defend every single Lebanese person in any aspect. Granted, you are doing none of that, but in the hypothetical scenario that you might, how am I supposed not to be ashamed that the laws of my country are being ratified by men with such a mentality?

But please, by all means, keep on thinking women posing for pictures with you is enough justification for you thinking they’re open season.


Radio Beirut’s Sexist Ad

To promote an upcoming event by Zeid and the Wings, Radio Beirut – a local place that’s been promoting local acts such as OAK – has gotten Ukrainian feminist group Femen, famous for their topless protests, to help them. Of course, Femen don’t know yet and would probably sue if they knew.

A picture (link) which was originally intended to protest what Femen believe is a hockey-related injustice in Ukraine – don’t ask – has been photoshopped by Radio Beirut to advertise the aforementioned performance:
Radio Beirut Sexist Ad Femen


Isn’t it ironic that an organization against sexism would be the center of a sexist ad?

I am not one to have a seizure whenever activists find something to nitpick at in advertising, especially if the ad is smart enough. But this isn’t witty enough to pass. Well, women (and men?) – you can show your breasts and you’ll be spared from paying $10 to watch Zeid and his wings.

Does such an ad reflect the image of the local Lebanese band it’s promoting? I hope not. Is it right to use the bodies of women who are working against the discrimination of women around the world (the topless protests for Iranian women were organized by Femen) in order to promote something as trivial and nonsensical as a performance by a Lebanese band at some pub? The difference in magnitude of importance between what those protestors were originally doing and what they’ve been made to do is proof enough.

It doesn’t matter if you support what Femen does or not. This isn’t “art” in order to maybe explain it. What this “ad” comes off is cheap and absolutely uncalled for and I, for one, hope Radio Beirut remove it as soon as they can.