Lebanese Bus Drivers Strike

While going to my university this morning and as I reached the exit that takes me to it, I was surprised to see a bunch of buses blocking the way. They didn’t allow us to go through.
Yes, they were on strike – and the best location to express themselves was apparently by blocking the road for thousands of students to get to class.

Their impeccable strike logic was to accept commuters on board and then leave them stranded on the highway.
Perhaps bus drivers have the right to complain but what they did was a disgrace. You simply do not cut the road for people to go to their work, class, etc, just so you prove a point. You don’t let people on your bus and then tell them that you’ve decided to join the strike so go do your thing on a highway.
What’s worse is I’m sure they knew they were going to do this to the commuters but they did it anyway. I saw women carrying their children and walking on the highway. Men turned to hitchhikers.
This is not acceptable.

Update: My medical school colleagues were threatened if they attempted to go to class. “University is useless. You try to go, we kill you,” they were told.







My class is half empty and even army men were dumped on the road. Yes, they sure got me very sympathized with their cause.