Lebanese Transsexuals Exposed – A BeirutNightLife Article

This post is not to discuss the scientific content of the article at hand. This post is to discuss some technical parts of it – not even the scientific ones.

To say this needed a few revisions before going online is an understatement. Let me quote a sentence present in the first paragraph:

Ok, lets keep the wikipedia definition aside, the lady eye balling you all night IS A DUDE!!! A full fledged functional dude, just like you most probably with a package bigger than yours!!

Yes, this is a direct quote. Can I comment? I don’t find anything to say. But OMG, A DUDE?! With a bigger package?! OMG!

I’m not a grammar & spelling expert. But there are some things that are downright inacceptable, especially in a respectable publication like Beirutnightlife.

For instance, towards the end of the article, a man’s genitals are referred to as Gentiles. I didn’t know a Lebanese man’s penis is now a non-Jewish entity as well. Way to go, us?


The article also throws around scientific and anatomical information very loosely without going into their significance. Does a casual reader know what the basal ganglia is and how it could have a role in transsexualism? What purpose is served by throwing around the structure stria terminalis without explaining its scientific function?

I am a medical student currently studying these regions and I can barely grasp them.

This article offers nothing new and is very, very poorly written. Does BeirutNightLife really need shock factor to generate discussion? I really hope not.