World Press Photo of the Year – Samuel Aranda

Samuel Aranda just won the World Press Photo of the Year for a shot he took back in October 2011 while working in Yemen for the New York Times.

This is the photo:

Jurors said the photo captured multiple facets of the “Arab Spring” uprisings across the Middle East last year. It was taken at a field hospital inside a mosque in Sanaa on October 15 and depicts a veiled woman cradling a relative of hers after a demonstration.

Jury chair Aidan Sullivan said:

“The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an enormous event, an event that is still going on. We might never know who this woman is, cradling an injured relative, but together they become a living image of the courage of ordinary people that helped create an important chapter in the history of the Middle East.”

Aranda, a Spanish photographer, hopes this picture would help the people of Yemen, a country he thinks is often forgotten.

As for me, I decided to blog about this simply because the picture is that powerful.