29-Year-Old to become Britain’s Youngest Grandfather

A jobless British 29 year old man is set to become a grandfather after his fourteen year old daughter got impregnated by her fifteen year old boyfriend.

She is to give birth in August.

This man’s mother also gave birth to him when she was 18 years old, a teenager. And when his daughter delivers, there will be six generations of his family alive: his great-grandmother, his grandmother, his mother, himself, his daughter and his grandson/granddaughter.

Honestly, this is all too weird. How messed up can a family be to have a sequence of teen pregnancies with two of them being as early as early adolescence? It’s like a vicious circle. His mom brought him into this world when she was young and he brought his girl into this world when he was fifteen. Anyone else sees a pattern? This is too dysfunctional!

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