F**kin’ Perfect – P!nk

This is one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while. The song is empowering. Brilliant. Check it out. You have to.

6 thoughts on “F**kin’ Perfect – P!nk

  1. I love P!NK, her music, and the fact she comes off as so classy all the time! You know what, your comment actually reminded me of a video I came across a while ago… as you know, our music videos in Lebanon (or the rest of the Middle East for that matter) aren’t the most classy, actually much of them are very trashy, but a while ago I came across a Carole Samaha video clip. It was for a song called “Ma bkhaf”… not only was it a powerful video clip, but it was a classy video for once.


    • I know the Carole Samaha video. And I agree. It is a very good one – especially with the really good job they did on the editing 🙂
      I actually really like Carole as a singer as well. She can actually sing and her new song (Khedni Maak, a cover of Salwa el Katrib’s song) is brilliant.
      But you know which Lebanese singer makes brilliant videos? Nancy Ajram. Please tell me you’ve seen “Fi Hagat”!


      • I have always said, Nancy Ajram would make an UNBELIEVABLE actress…. I watch her, and totally feel what her face is trying to portray. Lamseet eed of hers also is a very good video… I love her.

        I wish my favourite singer of all time would make better clips (Najwa Karam if your wondering), she was never good at making videos.


        • I agree. She is brilliant. Enta Eih, Lamset Id and Fi Hagat are just very brilliant music videos. I believe she shines when she’s directed properly and Nadine Labaki does a very good job with that.

          I like Najwa. I actually love her last album 😀 But yeah, her videos are more on the useless side. I don’t wait for a Najwa video… I simply wait for the song and buy the album accordingly.



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