Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Listen to Lady Gaga’s new single here:

Lady Gaga – Born This Way by gagadaily

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My thoughts on the song:

After a few listens, it catches on. But that’s how it’s always been with me and Gaga’s songs. The only instantaneous ones were “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”.

The lyrics are pretty great. I do not agree with those saying that this is a gay anthem. Sure, some parts of the lyrics can be interpreted that way but they can also symbolize any struggling person. The song is an empowering anthem to everyone who has ever felt teased or bullied, regardless of race or sexual orientation.

I understand that Lady Gaga is considered an icon for the gay community. But this doesn’t mean that a song about embracing who you are is directed at that community, exclusively. Many people struggle with their identity in this world where the media paints a certain identity that we should all follow. This song tells us that whoever we are is just enough because that’s the way God made us. The beauty of music in general is that it transcends cultural boundaries. I am Lebanese and find that the part where she references me describes what my country and I go through on almost daily basis.

Now, leaving the philosophical interpretations alone, I have to say that I actually felt that a slower tempo would have given the song more justice. After reading the lyrics, and regardless of what had been said that this would be an uptempo, I thought the best way to represent those lyrics would be on a piano. Lady Gaga does very good renditions of her songs acoustically so maybe she’ll start off her Grammy performance like that on Sunday?

Regardless of what I personally think of the song, it has already hit #1 in the iTunes store of 23 countries. It has broken Britney Spears’ record for first-day radio spins in the United States. The only thing that’s sure is that Lady Gaga is nowhere near done. You might like it, you might hate it… either way, you are living with it.

15 thoughts on “Born This Way – Lady Gaga

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    • It can be interpreted that way definitely but I don’t think the song references the gay community exclusively.
      You can also apply the song to oppressed women and it would actually fit :p


  2. Well the song IS a gay anthem :S (she is trying to cement her gay demographic with this song)
    I never was/will be a fan of GaGa for one reason she is so pretentious and it really annoys me that people can’t see the whole Mother Monster thing is just a marketing ploy to sell more records but as a business student I give her props
    Anyway it’s just my opinion and great review (though I do strongly disagree 😛 )


    • I’ve come to the conclusion that you can interpret the song the way you want. I’m not gay so I tend to overlook the gay inclinations of it.
      Cool “signature” at the end of your comment :p
      Thank you for dropping by!


      • Neither am I (other than being a britney spears fan I’m pretty straight lol) but it’s quite clear that GaGa has established herself as a gay icon and she back in late 2010 she said this song is for the gays. . .
        It wasn’t a signature more of a proclamation that we should have a normal person (not a hermaphrodite) as the reigning pop queen of 2011.


        • I saw your blogpost :p
          Wanted to comment but my internet connection is barely holding on to dear life. I know she said it’s for her gay fans but I refuse to think it’s only for them :p
          But yeah, Britney FTW 🙂



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