Sophie’s Choice – Movie Review

I have been intrigued by this movie ever since I read a newspaper article about how great Meryl Streep was in it. The fact that it was also referenced many times on The Big Bang Theory doesn’t hurt either and I recently got the opportunity to watch it.

Sophie’s Choice tells the story of Sophie (Meryl Streep), a Polish Catholic and a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps. As part of her new life in the United States, Sophie falls in love with Nathan (Kevin Kline), an American Jew. The relationship is abusive at times and great at other times, but through the good and the bad, Sophie sees Nathan as her reason to live. The movie is told via a narrative by the older self of the character Stingo, a writer who decides to take up residence in the same house where Sophie and Nathan live. Soon enough, Stingo befriends the couple and starts to fall for Sophie as she starts telling him her life in flashbacks.

Sophie’s flashbacks are the most interesting part of the movie. They reveal the intricate details that have made Sophie who she is in the movie’s present time. They reveal her darkest secrets, the truths she chose to keep hidden, and most importantly, the gut-wrenching choice she was forced to make, one that will shake you to your core.

To say Meryl Streep was great in it would be an understatement. Meryl Streep is an acting Goddess. There isn’t any role that she doesn’t nail to a point where further nailing cannot take place anymore. She works with the Polish accent perfectly and even throws in some German dialogue there for good measure. When Sophie gazes into the distance, looking at her past, the gaze goes right through your soul.

The movie, however, I felt was overstretched. It runs for over 150 minutes and sometimes drags on. I thought the focus on the relationship with Nathan became borderline obsessive sometimes. The flashbacks, which are the best part in my opinion, are interspersed throughout the movie and sometimes feel underdeveloped. I definitely wanted to see more of them. Moreover, you could easily consider the movie as a vehicle for Meryl Streep to shine. The other actors in it are simply accessories for her character’s weaknesses and strengths to get across.

Overall, Sophie’s Choice is a movie that solidifies what most of us already have in our head, that Meryl Streep is, simply, the best.

7 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice – Movie Review

  1. I thought the movie was a bit too long. But like u said, Meryl Streep is the best. Have u seen out of africa? She gives an amazing performance in that movie, eventhough the story was so so. She’s also terrific in Kramer vs Kramer, One True Thing, and more recently Julie and Julia. I just love Meryl Streep.


    • I actually have a pile of DVDs next to me and Out Of Africa is one of them. I also have: Proof, Crash, Schindler’s List, Brothers, Something To Talk About, Amelie, The Godfather trilogy and Chloe. Want to watch something. Suggestion? :p


  2. Crash, Shindler’s list, Amelie and The godfather are all excellent. Chloe is a bit disturbing but watchable, and Something to talk about is not bad. I havent seen brothers yet, so maybe u can start by waching this one and let me know if its any good :p


  3. Well I try to review new movies as much as I can. I love older ones aswell, but I wish I had more time to review them. Proof is not bad. I love Anthony Hopkins in it tho. Did u like it?



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