Rio – Movie Review

If you want to go for a 90 minutes movie that will give you a blast then Rio is the movie for you.
With the voice talents of Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Anne Hathaway (she doesn’t need any introductions, right?), Rio is a very, very fun animated movie.

Blu is a blue macaw parrot who gets caught while still very young and is shipped to the United States where, by an act of fate, the truck his box is on gets hit and his box drops off. Linda, a little girl, finds Blu and takes care of him for the next fifteen yes. The two become inseparable, the best of friends and Linda becomes as dependent on Blu as he is on her.
However, soon enough, Tulio, a scientist, shows up to Linda’s bookstore and tells her they have found a female counterpart for Blu, the last existent male of his species and that they need to fly him down to Rio so both birds can mate.
Linda reluctantly agrees… but Rio De Janeiro is a hostile place, especially for a rare bird like Blu and it is there that the story unfolds.

Jesse Eisenberg does not stray away from The Social Network’s nerdy Mark Zuckerberg persona in this but he is quite awesome as Blu. I daresay, it’s good for him The Social Network was released before Rio because I’m sure we would have all pictured him as the blue bird instead of Zuckerberg had it been the other way around.

Anne Hathaway displays, yet again, amazing versatility even though only her voice-over skills are put to the test in Rio. Her voice adapts extremely well to the flirty, yet resilient bird Jewel.

You will also hear the vocal talents of Leslie Mann, Black Eyed Peas’ frontman, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez…

All in all, Rio is a movie that will entertain you without asking too much mental involvement on your part. It’s hilarious, sentimental and beyond a doubt authentic.

7 thoughts on “Rio – Movie Review

  1. thanks! I was waiting eagerly for this movie. i haven’t watched it yet. But its on my list for things to do after exams. this helps. Now its on top of the list 😀


  2. its a awesome review…I’ve included the 302 mb 480p dvd quality movie via torrent in my blog…better check out…the movie is just awesome ..isn’t it? 🙂


  3. It’s been a looong while since I last commented on one of your blog posts… And I actually read this post earlier but didn’t wanna comment unless I see the movie 🙂
    Your review is right in every aspect, but I believe you missed some points which “Rio” tries to show us in more of a subliminal way…
    I believe it does ask some mental involvement on our part; it tackles issues like responsible pet ownership, and responsible breeding. Though Linda has this special bond with “Blu”, the movie shows us that caging such a bird in your house is kind of a (humane) crime for not letting the bird enjoy one of his most vital instincts- to fly.. And in the end she learns that the best thing is to let him Free and build a special sanctuary for birds like Rio-
    which brings me to my second point shown in the movie: the difference between responsible and irresponsible breeding; the center which Tulio works in clearly goes under certain policies which follow a healthy relaxing atmosphere for pets/birds to breed in. Where as the other place where Blu and Jewel were kidnapped is to show us how some breeders abuse their animals by caging them in very hurtful unhealthy conditions, the issue which some countries consider a serious crime as we see on some shows on “Animal Planet”. And if you remember, “Blu” tells Jewel how he always sees “Animal Planet”, that’s why he’s aware of what’s about to happen.
    Also, there is this (evil) bird “Nigel” who shares his story, showing us how he once was this cute pet-used in shows and circuses… But once he got old, his owners ditch him for younger/cuter animals, leaving him to ruthless owners who abuse him and leave him with emotional scars and evil attitude towards society and other pets, never to be cured.. The thing which almost applies to all animals who are abused by owners or breeders.
    That’s my take on “Rio”, maybe I complicated the plot a little, but I did not see it as just a fun and cute movie, and sorry for the long comment 😀


    • Haha don’t worry about it 🙂
      Well, any movie can be rendered complicated if you overanalyze it. I’m sure the creators of Rio didn’t aim at getting the valid points you made across.
      Interesting comment though, thank you for dropping Racha 🙂



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