Carrie Underwood… How Great Thou Art

Praising God magnificently with a divine rendition of the brilliant “How Great Thou Art,” Carrie Underwood has transcended common grounds.

Not only does she send shivers down your spine but listening to her when she brings it all out is truly a magnificent experience.

Jennifer Nettles proclaimed after Carrie finished belting out the last note: “what a voice!”
People in the audience were crying.
The standing ovation started with more than minute left of Carrie singing.

God is great…. but in these moments, we say to Carrie Underwood: how great thou art.

And just as someone shouts just before Carrie started singing: we love you. It’s hard not to after hearing her sing that.

It is a performance like this that further solidifies what Brad Paisley has said about Carrie. “She is the best singer in any format of music today”.
Yes, she is.

Watch the performance here:

14 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood… How Great Thou Art

  1. I cried when I watched this on the video. Every time I watched it! What a pure and powerful voice Carrie has. Thank you for that voice.


  2. Happy Easter, huh. Fantastic job Carrie did. In keeping with the theme of the song, I hope she can/has, and continued to reach people with the Christian ideology. Shes awesome, i think she may have surprised herself this time :D.


  3. This proved again Carrie is untouchable and no peers in the industry in terms of voice, classy stage presence, and beauty inside & out. As I watched her performane my jaw dropped, got choked up, and ultimately chuckled as her rendition was so incredible, so amazing, and so powerfully touching that you could not help but cheer her on!! I think how ACM just awarded Miranda the best vocalist award, well this clip should put Carrie on top where she belongs…. forever. Note, her dress, hair and makeup were stunning as well – she is the total package.


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  6. No words to describe it. Beautiful girl beautiful voice. She quietly does her own thing without any fanfare—so it is so great that this has gone viral.


  7. How Great Thou Art has been my favorite hymn since I first heard it sung on the top of a mountain in the Bavarian Alps – I didn’t understand one word becauce they sang it in German but I knew this would live with me forever. Since I have heard this sang in many countrys by many famous people but Carrie will remain a favorite – right up there with Elvis and Geo Bev Shey – thanks Carrie



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