Royal Wedding Becomes 6th Biggest Event in Internet History

It looks like a record number of people have watched the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding online. Akami, the distributor of this service, has said that more than 1.6 million people tuned in to live stream the event – that’s a little more than last year’s World Cup, which peaked at 1.6 million hits also, albeit a little less than the Royal Wedding.

Global internet traffic for news regarding the event peaked at about 5.3 million pages per minute.

Things related to the event have been trending on twitter all day (even the phrase THEY KISSED is trending) – as has “William & Kate” for the past week and Facebook home feeds were inundated with statuses and comments about the event.

All of this merged together make for the 6th biggest event in internet history.

And if the sheer magnitude of this wasn’t overwhelming to comprehend (I mean, people seem to have too much free time, no?) the biggest event in internet history is nothing other than a World Cup Football game that took place in June 2010 simultaneously with the longest match in Wimbledon history, which peaked at more than 10 million pages per minute.

And yes, I have not watched a single thing related to this! Either way, let’s wish the newlyweds a life full of love and other necessary good wishes and let’s just move on.

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