Watch the Lebanon vs Uzbekistan World Cup Qualifier Football Game Online

I’m late to this but many are asking me for streaming links to watch the game. The score as of now stands at 1-1.

To watch the game, here’s a link for you (here).

If you tweet about the game, make sure you include the hashtag #GoLebanon.

And, well, for lack of better words: Go Lebanon!

Lebanese Audiences Allowed to Attend World Cup Qualifier Lebanon VS Qatar Football Game

Looks like our government changes opinions quicker than a hormonal person. Could they change opinions again soon? Time will tell.

The Ministry of Interior & Municipalities has canceled yesterday’s decision to ban audiences from attending the Lebanon vs Qatar football game. They are now permitted to do so.

What caused this change of heart? I have no idea. But it looks like we don’t care now about the Qatari prince’s feelings. Why was that an issue in the first place, I have no idea. Blog Baladi believes it’s the Lebanese audience’s fault based on the way they behave in usual sports games. I totally disagree. It’s as if we’re the only sports fans whose excitement goes through the roof before games.

Quick question to any average Lebanese who would attend the game: do you know what the Qatari prince’s name is in order to curse him?

No? Thought so. Neither did I.

Either way, those who can should attend the game to root for our national team. The audience is an important player in such games, especially with players that are severely underpaid and under-appreciated. The Lebanese attendees of the South Korea vs Lebanon game made all the difference.

Good luck to Lebanon in the game against Qatar. Here’s hoping we win, despite it being a severe uphill climb.

Manchester United Fail!

I am a big football fan (not the American one, the regular international one). I do not follow every single thing related to it simply because I get way over excited, especially when it comes to teams I care about.

For instance, in Euro 2008, when Italy was playing Spain in the quarter finals and Buffon blocked a penalty shot, I shouted so loud in the restaurant that the owner still remembers me. Yes, I support the Azzurri. Another instance that comes to mind was the game Germany vs Argentina in the latest World Cup’s quarter finals. I wasn’t originally a supporter of either team but I decided to root for Argentina – and ended up doing so more vigorously than the original Argentina supporters present.

So I do understand how the game works and when a team doesn’t play well. I do understand most of the technicalities as well and after tonight, I know most of the players as well – even for teams I don’t root for. I mean, one glance at a substitute and I blurted out his name. Awesome, no?

So the Champions League Finale was on yesterday and it set Barcelona against Manchester United. I had no idea how the odds for each team stacked up but I honestly dislike Barcelona (the team, not the city) so I decided to root for Manchester United instead. Glory, glory Manchester United, right? Absolutely not, apparently. It should have been “pity, pity Manchester United instead”.

I was so horrified by how bad they played that it wasn’t even funny. The only goal they got in was due to a mistake from the other team and it wasn’t even a stellar goal for you to think that lots of work was put into it. Their possession of the ball was 33% and they got only 3 shots the whole game.

On the other hand, Barca had a 67% and had more than 15 shots, 3 of which resulted in goals. See? I’m not always biased. I give credit where credit is due – although I still think they’re not the best team in the world and I vehemently do not approve of the notion that Messi is the football incarnation of God.

So yeah, for all matters and purposes, Manchester United were a big failure tonight. They were absolutely atrocious. Their first half was less than stellar but it kept them in the game. The second half, however, was a disaster. You can’t even begin to fathom how bad it was! When the only team you see playing is the other team, dear Manchester United, you should maybe get a hint to pick up your game? Or maybe it was that the players had enough money and not enough motivation? Either way, I almost felt shame for deciding to root for them. Even more ashamed than the time I supported Argentina in that quarter final and they lost 4-0. At least back then I was more involved and therefore more pissed off than able to see how bad Argentina really was. And yeah, they were worse.

Royal Wedding Becomes 6th Biggest Event in Internet History

It looks like a record number of people have watched the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding online. Akami, the distributor of this service, has said that more than 1.6 million people tuned in to live stream the event – that’s a little more than last year’s World Cup, which peaked at 1.6 million hits also, albeit a little less than the Royal Wedding.

Global internet traffic for news regarding the event peaked at about 5.3 million pages per minute.

Things related to the event have been trending on twitter all day (even the phrase THEY KISSED is trending) – as has “William & Kate” for the past week and Facebook home feeds were inundated with statuses and comments about the event.

All of this merged together make for the 6th biggest event in internet history.

And if the sheer magnitude of this wasn’t overwhelming to comprehend (I mean, people seem to have too much free time, no?) the biggest event in internet history is nothing other than a World Cup Football game that took place in June 2010 simultaneously with the longest match in Wimbledon history, which peaked at more than 10 million pages per minute.

And yes, I have not watched a single thing related to this! Either way, let’s wish the newlyweds a life full of love and other necessary good wishes and let’s just move on.