Crepaway Taking Steps Backwards

I was overly happy when the Batroun branch of Crepaway made a separate non-smoking area for those of us who don’t like to inhale with their burgers.
However, as I visited the place with friends, I found the area filled with people who were smoking. I asked about it and was told that they had removed the non-smoking area for the day. The explanation? they didn’t want the smokers to be placed on a waiting list for the smoking areas.

Excuse me Crepaway if I wanted to dine without the smell of cigarettes and without that awful stench getting stuck on my clothes and lungs. I mean, the emphysema I am most certainly going to acquire in this country cannot really be compared to the ten minutes of wait that a smoker has to endure, right?

In Lebanon, non smokers are figuratively run over by their overly dominant opposites in society. After all, clean air is something you’re not entitled to in a country where finding hookahs in American style diners is very common and even normal and where non-smokers have become a distant minority, squashed in almost rodent-like manner.

And let’s talk about the pricing! Back in December, the natural counterpart for Crepaway in Lebanon, Roadster diner, boosted its prices by a considerable amount, causing my friends and I to lessen our visits to a place that was eating away more and more an already tight budget. In the meantime, Crepaway boosted its prices in a lighter manner and they remained quite acceptable for what was offered.

However, I was surprised during my visit to Crepaway that they had increased their prices yet again. The famous Spielmozzarella is now priced at about 17,000LBP, about $11.33 and a Chicken Escalope platter is almost 20,000LBP (about $13.33), with smaller portions of French fries and coleslaw.

I understand fuel prices are on the rise in the country but I am positive chicken is not getting more expensive and nor is meat and, well, I am not going to a restaurant to dine on 95 Octane fuel while sniffing on the “exquisite” scent of a Marlboro.

6 thoughts on “Crepaway Taking Steps Backwards

  1. Hello Elie, I was surfing around the various Lebanese blogs and came across yours. As Communication Officer @ Crepaway, please allow me to clarify few things:

    We’ve been increasing Non-Smoking section sizes in our outlets (some like Habtoor branch have bigger NS sections than S) but to be honest, we sometimes face resistance from smokers who neglect non-smoking signs. But what happened in Batroun was non-acceptable and we have strengthened our policy there and in other Crepaway outlets: NS sections may not under any circumstance be changed into Smoking sections. Thank you for pinpointing this mishap.

    As for the price increase, you’re right too about chicken & meat prices but you did not consider the big increase in price of dairy products, fuel (affecting our imports) and most importantly the price increase in European goods, knowing our raw material such as chocolate, flour, fries & cheese etc. are all premium EU quality. But we did make the effort to remain within decent margins. As for value, rest assured we did not change side order sizes so we will look into this rightful concern.

    I hope my comment has shed light on the questions raised in your post. Thanks again for sharing them.

    P.S: Next time you’re writing about Crepaway, can you please use the new logo??? 😉


    • Regarding the NS areas. I know and I was actually very complementary about the fact that there is now a NS area in Crepaway ABC. After all, I, as a non smoker, appreciates not having to second-hand smoke when I want to eat. But I was surprised to find that the NS area in Batroun cancelled for the day, just because the restaurant was crowded. So yeah, stricter policies should be enforced there.

      I get the price increase last year, tbh. Everything was on the rise. My main problem is the fact that prices always increase, regardless of reason. You’re saying that good prices are increasing (and since I cannot verify this, I’ll assume you’re right). But the thing with almost all Lebanese restaurants is that all prices go up and never go down. What will happen in a year from now, or even two years from now? Unless the main customers of crepaway (students) become rich, not many will be able to afford going there often.

      And I haven’t noticed there’s a new logo :p


  2. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for pointing this out. In fact SM is gaining ground and we are focusing a lot more on the online platform for Crepaway.

    It ‘s a very important channel of direct communication between us and our customers, and we’re working on expanding our online presence.

    We’re currently setting up a team that will exclusively handle Crepaway SM, we’re looking for people interested in giving us a hand.

    So if you’d like to yourself, or know some people who are SM enthusiasts, please feel free to convey the message to them! 🙂

    You can reach me on:


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