Lady Gaga Unbanned in Lebanon

It looks like our lovely General Security peeps have put their paws up because they were born this way – and that is bipolar.

Mere days after they banned the release of Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, they have revoked their decision and released the album at various Virgin Megastore outlets, the country’s leading music retailer.

While I am all for the decision since I’m against banning the album in the first place, regardless of content, I have to wonder what changed their minds. Could it be the overwhelming pressure from bloggers and social media users? I hardly think so. It might have simply been a case of them looking at the tracklist, seeing the words: Bloody Mary, Black Jesus, Judas and deciding that this is offensive – which is exactly how Lebanese censorship works, by the looks of it: scan the outside, it if doesn’t pass, cut it.

Well, I, for one, am not buying the album simply because I’m not willing to cough up a ridiculous amount of money for it – money that I’d rather spend elsewhere. But for Gaga’s Lebanese “little monsters” as they call themselves, they are already flocking down to Virgin Megastore to buy the singer’s album, as reported by twitter user BilalWH.

And as Lady Gaga would tell her little monsters: just put your paws up, because round one goes to you.

15 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Unbanned in Lebanon

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  2. Don’t underestimate the weight that the Murr family (with its own enormous stake in Virgin) can pull when the government challenges their revenue.

    I hardly think this is a case of the General Security coming to its senses as much as it is a case of money talk. But what do I know anyway..


    • I meant that they looked at the tracklist. Saw many “Jesus” related titles. They figured Lady Gaga wouldn’t have nice things to say about the topic and simply decided not to allow the distribution of the album.


  3. Haha, finally they came to their senses. It was ridiculous banning it anyways, there’s simply no use in that. Stupid world. And you write about not buying it and blah, who the hell is actually BUYING music or movies nowadays? :p


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  5. Im Glad They Changed Their Minds… Though I Perfectly Agree That Nor Their 1st or 2nd Decision Would have changed the fan’s point of view in lady gaga… Still …. Some Songs and Facts are disturbing…. So… Let’s Just Leave it to the fan’s conscience!! πŸ˜€



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