Lebanon Bans Iranian Movie “Green Days”

I honestly do not get Lebanon these days – or maybe I do and don’t want to admit that our newly formed government is as uptight and horrible as we thought it would be, but the Iranian movie “Green Days” has been banned from being screened in the country.

What is the movie about? The 2009 Iranian protests against Ahmadinejad.

The movie “Green Days” was directed by Hana Makhmalbaf, aged 22, daughter of Mohsen Makhamalbaf, who is close to Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, whose followers led the 2009 protests. A General Security personnel in Lebanon said the ban was fulfilled after a request from the Iranian minister in Lebanon.

Since when does a request by an ambassador actually get fulfilled in Lebanon? Especially if it’s something as silly as them asking to ban a movie that details the regime they represent in a hideous light? It’s nice to see Iran’s main allies in Lebanon looking after their love’s interests over here. After all, why should Lebanese be allowed to watch a movie that details Iranian protests? I think that’s something Khamenei banned, no? Therefore, we should not be allowed to watch it! What an abomination that would be to our souls and to the good of the glorious nation of Iran!

But wait! Isn’t Lebanon a mutlicultural country where the say of one group or sect shouldn’t apply to the rest of the people? You’d think Mr. Orange, carefully looking out for the “best interests of Christians”, would stand up against such an atrocity. You’d think the “best interest of Christians” would be them exposed to all the different cultures the world has to offer. Guess now we know who’s truly ruling the country, regardless of how many ministers they have in our awesome new government.

I don’t know about you but I shall be downloading this movie (along with subtitles) and making a few copies to distribute just to spite the ambassador and the holy Lebanese resistance whose only job these days, by the looks of it, is to ban movies. How does that work against Israel again?

8 thoughts on “Lebanon Bans Iranian Movie “Green Days”

    • Yeah because I can’t imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Mr. Hariri defied the will of God, represented by Mr. Nasrallah and the Khamenei by banning the movie.


  1. Mmm wait I don’t get it… There’s supposed to be a “Forbidden movies festival” going on starting tonight and till Sunday and they were gonna screen Green Days. You mean it was banned again from this festival??


  2. Okay. I’m not defending anyone but seriously your argument here is skewed and you just wanted something to blame the government for. We’ve seen bans of all sorts over the years and its always to make either side happy. Banning is wrong, period! Doesn’t matter who initiates it and in Lebanon, both sides have done their part. This isn’t about who is more uptight than the other. They are both uptight assholes who found nothing better to do than create fitan amongst the Lebanese.


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