Happy Fathers’ Day

It is the summer solstice and also fathers’ day in Lebanon.

My dad and I are, for lack of a better description, gunpowder and fire. Whenever we clash, things are going to explode. It could be because we’re more alike than we both want to admit.

My dad is a great man. And these last few weeks have only proven to me how lucky I am to have him as my father. Be it when I hugged him to say so and he almost cried or when he stood with his sister for their brother/sister wedding shot and they both chocked up.

My dad is a mountain of feelings that are always hidden beneath a surface of might. He always aims to give us the best life he can, even though that’s not always a possibility in a country like Lebanon. But the words: “you don’t need to worry about anything, whatever you want, just ask” are always coming out of his mouth.

I remember a night this winter when it was almost snowing in my hometown and my dad had to go fix the family’s main source of income. He begged my mom not to let me go with him but I went. I couldn’t have imagined any person going through that night alone. Imagine being out in freezing temperatures as the wind howls and rain/snow pours on you.

I am who I am today because a great man like him had a hand in raising me. My dad has his faults. But for what it’s worth, his faults make me love him even more.

And the fact that his birthday also happens to be on Fathers’ Day is not a coincidence. So to my awesome dad, happy birthday and happy fathers’ day.

4 thoughts on “Happy Fathers’ Day

  1. Happy father’s day and a very happy birthday to your dad! (doesn’t matter if i am late, right?) I hope you told your father all this.Or he gets to read this sometime. Very sweetly written. I love that photo. Your dad has this proud and affectionate look in his eyes. you were definitely a cute baby. 🙂

    Your dad sounds just like mine. Strong outside, ice-creamy nside. My dad generally doesn’t respond to my being all lovey-dovey on the phone. In person he gives me a pat. but this year, I think he sort of misses me (I haven’t been to my home country in 3 years) and he said ‘I miss you too’ to my ‘i miss you dad’ on the phone. That was a big deal to me, always a daddy’s girl. Believe you me, when i say i have sorely tested his patience to an alarming extent. I know what you say – I am what I am today b’cos of his patience and his firmness.


    • Happy fathers’ day to yours as well! Mine will never read this as he is not too tech-savvy but I just wanted whoever reads my blog to know that my dad is absolutely awesome. I’m glad you have a great dad as well.
      And yeah, whether we like to admit it or not, fathers have a great hand in shaping up who we are, although most of the credit goes to mothers.



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