Scorpions Concert In Lebanon

German rock band Scorpions chose Lebanon to be part of their international farewell tour with 3 concerts taking place at the Byblos International Festival on July 4th (a date added later due to overwhelming demand), 6th and 7th.

The first concert ended today and social media users who attended are reporting it to be extravagant. According to twitter user Rodrigue Saad, more than 40 drumsticks were thrown to the crowd, as well as countless guitar picks. Moreover, they had 4 encores to satisfy the hungry Lebanese crowd.

The band sang their some of their most famous songs such as Wind of Change, Still Loving You as well as songs from their newest album.

This is the complete setlist:

Sting In The Tail
Make It Real
Bad Boys Running Wild
The Zoo
Coast To Coast
Loving You Sunday Morning
The Best Is Yet To Come
Send Me An Angel
Raised on Rock
Tease Me Please Me
Kottack Attack
Six String Sting
Big City Nights


Still Loving You
Wind Of Change
Rock You Like A Hurricane
When The Smoke Is Going Down

These are pictures taken by a Facebook user of the concert.

And this is a short video courtesy of Twitter user MWNader:

14 thoughts on “Scorpions Concert In Lebanon

  1. ohhhhh they are great, grew up with that music. I guess every German did, lol 😉 cool they play in Lebanon 🙂


  2. It was really an awesome concert. The crowd was crazy and it was nice to see young rockers standing next to grandparents.
    They also threw many drumsticks and guitar picks (If they do that at every concert they must be really generous!).

    And finally the lead singer took the time to sign autographs to the people in front.

    There was no encores though.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! My brother went to today’s concert and my cousin to yesterday’s. I’ll have a new post soon with their pics and if I can (ontornet) videos.
      And i think the drumsticks and guitar picks are thrown at each concert. It’s sort of a ritual, I believe. Not just for scorpions but for all bands.


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