Lady Gaga Coming to Lebanon for Byblos 2012 Festival Concert?

The newest rumor circulating around is that Lady Gaga has decided to take the whole “Lebanon” references of her songs to the next level and actually show up in the country for a concert at the Byblos 2012 Festival, as part of The Born This Way Ball.

I can already hear the shrieks of the little monster echoing all the way to New York (or wherever she may be).

The Byblos 2012 Festival has hosted many internationally recognized artists like Scorpions and 30 Seconds to Mars. But perhaps the most “in” artist it will host, if this turns out true, is Lady Gaga.

Will the arena be big enough for all the people who want to go? I don’t think so. Prepare for some serious black market prices if you cannot snatch your tickets early.

Will you be going? Or are you, like me, not tempted by the whole thing?


16 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Coming to Lebanon for Byblos 2012 Festival Concert?

    • I didn’t know you blogged about it. I had heard it from different places. But I treated it as a rumor because it didn’t make sense (as I pointed out, the place wouldn’t fit that many people, making the concert now cost efficient.)


      • This was just an April Fools joke. Of course Lady Gaga wouldn’t come to Lebanon. Her album was banned in his first week of release, the media is all against her as well as all religious leaders… which makes her the only thing they agree on! But all I wanted to do is to show people how when we talk about important things, about what’s happening to us, they don’t give a shit. But when I mention Lady Gaga for 5 seconds… Everyone is reading my blog. I’m not surprised… I just hate it!


        • I had heard about a potential Lady Gaga concert for a while. I wouldn’t care either way, to be honest. Not a big fan. It would be controversial, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen. Judas and Bloody Mary were both played on Lebanese radio. Her album is being sold, despite initial drama. And I think much of the hype surrounding her has decreased. She’s no longer the “it” thing.


          • Well I don’t know anything about Gaga or her potential projects. But still, I reached my goal through this post and proved that the Lebanese society is retarded, a big part of it at least. I mean seriously why do people take such interest in someone like her over more useful stuff, like for example things you write on your blog. Try it, mention Lady Gaga just once in one post and see the difference yourself!



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