Carrie Underwood: Voice Of Versatility

Everyone knows by now that I’m a huge fan of country singer Carrie Underwood. I also believe she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard – and no, I’m not being biased. Even if you dislike her, you can’t but appreciate her talent.

So I was positively surprised when I stumbled on a youtube video that is precisely what this post is about: showing you just how versatile a singer Carrie Underwood truly is.

The fact of the matter is, she has tackled more genres than people have realized – and she has nailed every performance outside the country genre, which is supposed to be her home turf.

Without further ado, just check out the video:

7 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood: Voice Of Versatility

  1. We (and the world) are so grateful for the gift that was given to us – a legend, icon, peerless, untouchable artist at 28 yrs old – Carrie Underwood. This video really drives home the unmistakeable fact – there has been NO ONE like Carrie in the history of music, I cannot think of any other artist (Mariah, Beyonce, Celine, Barbara, Reba…) who has possessed her total entertainment package. It’s almost unbelievable at times how great she is… here’s to the forthcoming 4th cd where I hope she goes in a more country-centric direction to silence a few critics and play the industry award game a bit more… if she releases a more country cd then she is assurred award success and hopefully will reverse the recent CMA snubs. No matter what you and I anxiously await each and every musical gift Carrie gives us going forward. RM


    • I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic. I definitely think Carrie ranks up there when it comes to being talented, but I don’t think we can simply say she’s the best that’s ever been – and you know how staunch a Carrie fan I am.
      But I do think she’s beyond amazing. And I can’t wait for what she has to offer in album #4 šŸ™‚


  2. btw – I think its so amusing the industry has somewhat annointed Miranda the savior of “real country” yet Carrie proved 3 times during the last year she can blow Miranda (or anyone else) off the stage w/ her country vocals. Her recent Loretta Lynn cover, Randy Travis tribute/duet, and “Neon Moon” prove she’s the also the best in that specific vocal genre – IF SHE WANTS TO SING THAT TYPE SONG… it’s her choice, not ours. C’mon people, put Miranda and Carrie on a stage and see who has the best “real country” vocals… oh wait, they already did !!! Miranda somewhat choked on her average Brooks & Dunn cover, while Carrie followed with maybe the best live pure-country vocal ever.. witness “Neon Moon”. Was there another artist on the Brooks & Dunn tribute show that rivaled Carrie’s vocals? Not even close.. which says a whole lot since virtually every superstar of the last 10-15 years was featured on that show. Then, came ACM Girls night out… nothing needs to be said on that one.. the world was moved, millions cried, and hopefully Carrie locked in her 4th ACM/CMA vocal win with that once in a lifetime performance. Thanks again for putting up this site… I really enjoy your insightful comments & viewpoint.


  3. yes, that is true – and the Traveling Man proved that ML is no CU. I notice that most ML fans forgive and forget all of ML’s poor tv live performances.. and there are many! ACM version of “That’s How the World Goes Around”, Grammy ” House That Built Me” (tentative, chokey), and several “White Liar” performances. The CMA “Heart Like Mine” was her best live performance by far… and I begrundenly (sp.) thought she may have earned a vocalist award last year based on that one song. I wish I liked ML more.. I think Blake Shelton is actually a much better performer and has a better relative voice compared to other male artists of his stature.


    • I’m not all too familiar with her live performances. I don’t go hunting them down and, due to time differences, I cannot watch the CMAs and ACMs.
      So I wouldn’t know.
      But I like ML. She has her off moments but on the whole, she’s quite good.

      Dunno about Blake Shelton. He’s good but he just rubs me the wrong way :p



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