The Holy Orb (Short Story) – Part 5

Continued from Part 4.

David looked at Elodie’s body in shock. He felt his soul ache as the idea that he‟ll never be able to talk to her sank in. There was a flash of red light and David felt an immense pain across his face. There was a big cut across his face.

Feeling powerless, he knew he couldn‟t do anything.
He grabbed Elodie‟s hand and looked up.
A snake was slithering towards him, spitting poison as it got nearer.
A few feet away, it became a man again and that man pointed his wand directly at David‟s face. “Any last words, Parker?” he asked shrilly.

David did not reply.
There was another jet of yellow light…
An inch away from David, but it vanished.
The necklace around his neck was shining brightly, making him feel secure and warm. He got to his feet, and looked at the snake-man who seemed to cower from the rays that emanated from it. David grabbed Elodie‟s body… the rays grew stronger… he focused on his destination… and the next thing he was standing next to a crystal-clear lake, as a red orb shone right in its center.

David looked around and noticed the place was deserted. He laid Elodie‟s body on the ground and took a gasp of fresh air. He was appreciating the loneliness.
But it didn‟t last long.
A moment later, the woman who helped him solve the riddle appeared. He turned around, looked angrily at her, hoisted his wand and lunged forward.

“Wait!” she said calmly.
“You –” he breathed, his voice quivering. “You – you killed her!”
“David, please! It wasn‟t my fault! Something happened! Please trust me!”
There was something about her that told David she wasn‟t lying and that he could trust her. Nonetheless, he pressed it onwards.
“No… I can‟t trust you! You led me straight to that snake man!”
“You faced Eric and survived?” she asked.
“I don‟t care! You led me to him… you caused the death of my Elodie!”
The woman looked unfazed. She drew a sigh and moved her hands across the air.

The snake man was looking at David through the portal he opened with his nail. As bright blue eyes shone on him, he felt disgusted. How can people be happy when they are around others? He thought.
David was caressing the blond girl’s hair. They were laughing. And then a man came.
His mouth twisted into a smile as his followers tried to move away fearfully. The man grabbed David by his arm and they both disappeared…
“Durance has just taken David Parker to the church. We have to set up a trap there! Quickly!” he said slowly.
His followers looked at him questionably.
He gave them a dull look.
“Do I have to explain every single thing for you?” he said threateningly, and as they tried to move away he whispered: “use portals to get him to me!”

David looked at the woman intently.
Why was she showing him this?

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