Miss Lebanon Yara Khoury-Mikhael at Miss Universe 2011

As I sat with my friend Elia contemplating the beauty of having lots to do and not doing any of it, she showed me this great video of our beauty queen Yara Khoury-Mikhael, proudly and enthusiastically representing our awesome country at the Miss Universe pageant.

I understand she’s just nineteen. But come on, she should have grown out of this stupidity and into another level of maturity by age fifteen.

But hey, at least now we have a thing in common between tigers and women. What is it? Yup, posture. After all, women are better than men because they can drive and talk on the phone and do their nails at the same time. They also get into accidents. But who cares right?

Just a word though… everyone who was paid off to vote her as Miss Lebanon needs to be sued. It’s not like last year’s representative was even better. At least this one can string a grammatically coherent English sentence, albeit being totally devoid of plausible meaning. Any girl on the street would give a better answer to the alien question. A simple yes or no answer would have been more honorable.

Yara Khoury-Mikhael, you are shallower that the children’s pool in swimming resorts and I am ashamed to say you represent my country, even if it’s just a useless beauty pageant.

And if you’re absolutely mesmerized by her, here’s the lesson she’s trying to give: posture is evolutionary important, along with non-existent multitasking, as the main difference between men and women, who happen to share some of that posture-ness with awesome tigers who like to go on the wild side – if you know what I mean.


For my opinion on her “Congo” comment, click here.

9 thoughts on “Miss Lebanon Yara Khoury-Mikhael at Miss Universe 2011

  1. my personal point of view, I don’t think you have a brain coz I haven’t seen it and when I see it I still WON’T believe it….how smart to drive and talk on the phone and tune your radio at the same time..why don’t you elaborate on the benefits of that for the mothers of car accident victims.

    and it’s really pretty to live in the forest????!!!!!!!! now I get the eyebrows……


  2. Well so if she doesn’t believe in aliens because she never saw them, I can just tell her that I never saw your brain so I don’t believe have one …


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  4. Even though her English “byo2ta3”, her vocabulary is limited to “elegance, multitasking, posture, wild …”. I can’t find “brains” there, and i get ideas where she can actually USE these words…


  5. you not pretty or smart i dont know how you made it through but i understand thats lebanon 4 u any way no one have told u that u needed a plastic surgery 4 your teeth and your gum before u attended the commpetion lol



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