The iPhone is Banned in Syria

It looks like one of the new threats to burden the “lovely” Syrian regime is Apple’s iPhone. As if killing 4000 people, torturing countless more and terrorizing their whole country (and a neighboring country too) wasn’t enough.

But yes, according to this memo from the Syrian General Directorate of Customs, the iPhone has been banned because of its many features. I fail to see how a phone can threaten a political regime but I guess when you’re that insecure, anything goes. Or perhaps the iPhone has some hidden: Topple Regime app.

Check out the memo for yourself.

6 thoughts on “The iPhone is Banned in Syria

  1. Well, as you said, killing 4k people isnt enough, soon they’ll ban every way of living a good life, to suppress the revolution, so they keep sitting on their chairs and play with a whole country for some more additional years…



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