Wine After Whiskey (Lyrics) – Carrie Underwood

These are the lyrics of Wine After Whiskey, off Carrie Underwood’s album “Blown Away.”  You can check out ALL the lyrics of the album here.

[Verse 1:]

Once upon a time our world was on fire and I loved to watch it burn

Wild and reckless, never any limits, guess I had a lot to learn

Cause fire turns to ember, embers to ashes that blow away too soon


Now everything’s after you is like having wine after whiskey

It went from do anything for you babe to you don’t even miss me

Once you’ve tasted a love that strong you can’t go back

And you can’t settle on anything less

And that’s what gets me. It’s like having wine after whiskey

[Verse 2:]

Looking back I guess it was really for the best, still you’re something that I crave

Even though I know it was right to let you go. You’re a habit hard to break

I got used to being high and nothing that I try seems good enough right now


It’s also watered down like having wine after whiskey

It went from do anything for you babe to you don’t even miss me

Once you’ve tasted a love that strong

You can’t go back and you can’t settle on anything less

And that’s what gets me. It’s like having wine after whiskey


Once you’ve tasted a love that strong you can’t go back

And you can’t settle on anything less

And that’s what gets me. It’s like having wine after whiskey


44 thoughts on “Wine After Whiskey (Lyrics) – Carrie Underwood

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    • They’re very different to compare, honestly.
      Wine After Whiskey can serve as a prequel to Remind Me, thematically. Oklahoma Wind cannot.
      As far as quality goes, both songs are great: great lyrics and great melody.
      However, when it comes to which song fits more on an album, I think both of them being excluded from Play On is obvious. This coming album, though, is a different story so I think one will be included. My bet is Wine After Whiskey due to the reasons I have mentioned before.

  2. The lyric is more likely “…and you can’t settle on anything less…”, instead of ‘along’

    Sounds like a really good tune. Carrie could do wonders with this.

  3. I have heard both the clip from Wine after Whiskey and Oklahoma Wind.

    There is no comparison – Wine after Whiskey blows away Oklahoma Wind. WAW has a more country flavor and the lyrics are absolutely fantastic.

    Oklahoma Wind did not make the last album because of illegal leaks which would have ruined any suspense by putting it on the album. Since then you have some nut job fans on the Carriefans site that do nothing but complain (Tee) about this song not being released. This leads all of her whining followers to constantly moan and complain and it just never ends.

    These are the same people on the Carriefans that always put down Taylor Swift on that site. They don’t realize that Carrie and Taylor are friends and have attended events in the past together. It is ashame as it is against everything that Carrie stands for being such a sweet divine Christian woman!

    • Trish- you have no right to attack Carrie’s fans. If you don’t like us or Carrie, simply avoid her message boards. It is that simple.

      It is quite hypocritical of you to lash out at Carrie’s fans for not liking Taylor Swift, when Taylor’s little fans rip on Carrie on every message board there is, all day long. They are much more nasty then Carrie fans, and they have all day to do nothing but thumb down every carrie article or song on CMT, GAC, Youtube, etc, under different fake accounts. So the next time you trash Carrie fans for picking on taylor, you might want to look in the mirror. Taylor’s fans can be wicked cruel to Carrie.

      RE: complaining, if you don’t like reading people giving honest opinions, then just ignore them or don’t go to the carrie sites. It is normal for fans to be impatient when waiting a year and not getting much news until lately. Things will be back on track once the album comes out. People were just getting restless. It is normal, and they do not deserve to be attacked.

      AS for Carrie’s fans being “nut jobs”– if you hate us so much- don’t go on our message boards. The only nasty people attacking others are people like you– who think you are better then everyone. To me, attacking people you do not know on the internet and calling them nut jobs is really sad– especially when people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      Thank you, and have a nice day. — teesharky

      PS: Elie- sorry for this unrelated comment on your amazing board, but I could not let this person trash me and other Carrie fans without defending us. Thanks.

  4. Trish, I do agree with your comments on the Carriefans site. It is probably the most negative fan site I have ever come across. Understand though that this site is in NO way associated with Carrie Underwood, her management, or anyone affiliated with Carrie Underwood.

    As far as the leaks Carrie has and does release leaks providing it isn’t a leaked version of the song with her own voice. This makes sense as why would she put it on the album if her version has already been made public.

    This is the reason why Oklahoma Wind will never be officially released as state by Carrie herself.

    Finally, I also agree with you that Wine after Whiskey is a far superior song to Oklahoma Wind anyway so I thinmk there is a very good chance it will make the album especially since the leaked clip is not her voice or production.

    • I love almost everyone on CF actually. We may be dysfunctional as a “family” but I think most people mean well. I just think that some people on CF get really angry if you voice an opinion that is not all roses and peaches. Not everything in Carrie’s career is going to go smoothly or perfect, and that is ok. I for one am her fan forever– good bad or ugly.

      We are just spoiled as a fanbase as for years, everything went perfectly, with no drama or problems. Now things are getting harder with the changes at the label, etc, and the awards, etc, have been few and far between. But I am sure things will turn around. 2011 was just a trying year in Carrie land.

    • If Carriefans is the most negative fan site you’ve ever come across, you don’t go on very many fan sites. I’m a member of five fan sites, and Carriefans is by far the most “positive” one.

  5. I would not judge the Carrie fans site by the few Taylor haters that have been mentioned. The majority of the fans never mention Taylor. Unfortunately there are a few that always put her down which makes it seem like many on the site are doing.

    Wine after Whiskey sounds like a potential great song. If you put Carrie’s vocals and Mark Bright;s production on this it could be a classic!

    • Agreed. I don’t see Taylor hate on Carrie sites except from certain very active people. I don’t care about it since everyone is entitled to their opinion but it does give the sites a bad rep.

      Wine After Whiskey is a great song. I hope it’s included on Carrie’s 4th album.

  6. My biggest problem with the Carriefans site is the overall extreme negativity believe it or not against Carrie herself. They complain about Carrie’s choice of singles, her secrecy about the new album, the delay in her new album being released, her record label, producer Mark Bright, etc, etc. It makes it impossible for true Carrie fans to participate. They have lost several long time Carrie supporters such as a guy named Chuckerwood that left the site due to the constant negativity. He was a legendary Carrie supporter. It just goes on and on. The moderators don’t seem to care as they would rather lose hardcore fans like Chuckerwood than to actually moderate their site.

    I would suggest joining the Carrie official fan club where you can be around true Carrie supporters that only wish her the best.

    My personal belief is that the site has a few trolls from other artists that pose as Carrie fans but actually try to disrupt the site by constant complaints against Carrie. They also try to stir up trouble by mentioning how much they supposedly hate Taylor Swift (wink wink) in just about every one of their posts regardless about whether the subject as anything to do with Taylor Swift. The fans on this site know exactly who I am mentioning!

    • I haven’t been to the “Carrie” part of Carrie fans for a long time now. Mostly because of the lack of almost everything Carrie-related. I mostly stick to the movies section.
      I am not the biggest fan of Carrie’s label (mostly because I feel they under appreciate her). But I know what you mean. I tend to stay away from such discussions.
      It’s sad though to see the likes of Big Machine get their artists places while Arista doesn’t do the same for Carrie.

      Regarding Taylor, well I like her. I’ve given her songs good reviews, I have her albums. She’s one of my favorites. She may not be the best singer but she’s a great songwriter and “Safe and Sound” came only to prove so.

      • I feel that Carrie’s label used to have so much power at award shows, but they could not even get Brad Paisley a Grammy nom this year for his album, which was good. Maybe the SONY umbrella is in more $ trouble then we knew, and that is causing them to lose their clout at award shows and on the radio, etc. It seems harder and harder for SONY artists to get multi-week number ones on country radio lately– while Big Machine keeps roaring along.

        Hopefully that will change with Carrie’s new album era!

    • I do think there are some trolls on CF pretending to be Carrie fans, but I think they are just there to spy and cause trouble./But If you are referring to me (teesharky), you could not be more wrong. I have been a diehard Carrie fan from day 1…and it is offensive that anyone would even question that.

      Chuckerwood was one of my favorite people on CF, and he and I used to pm each other all the time. He was great. I am so sad that he left, and I don’t understand why. I recall he was attacked by some zealot Taylor fans once but I didn’t think that would send him away. 😦

      But I agree with you that there are a few negative, judgmental people on CF lately, who attack you and nitpick everything you say. It is very frustrating to have a conversation when a few people constantly bicker, judge, and act all self-righteous if you so much as sneeze the wrong way.

      It is ok to not agree with everything that Carrie does or says every minute of every day…It does not make you less of a fan if you voice a counter opinion or complain that the album process took too long.

      We are not robots. We have feelings and opinions. That does not make people less loyal of fans. To blindly accept everything is just not in human nature.

  7. The non stop complaining is still going on today on that site with this song.

    I don’t know why people on the site don’t get why Carrie doesn’t want to release a leaked song. Again I’ll try to make it clear for everyone.

    First, Carrie will release a leaked song, as she has done in the past, if the version leaked isn’t her vocals and the final production of the song. Why would she want to put this on her album if her biggest fans already have the song. This wouldn’t make sense marketing or sales wise. That is why Oklahoma Wind will not be on her newest album. I am personally glad anyway as I find it to be a boring, mediocre song.

    Second, There is no problem releasing Wine after Whiskey as the leaked clip is not Carrie’s vocals or a final production. Therefore, there will be no lack of demand for this as we will be hearing the Carrie’s version when the label decides to release it.

    • I don’t think so. Only a small part of the song, by someone other than Carrie, was leaked.
      With the PO era, Someday When I Stop Loving You was leaked in full as sung by Hillary Lindsey. It made the album.

  8. PS Franny is my sister’s account. Sorry for the confusion in names. lol I got her hooked on Ellis’ blogs. lol


  9. I used to be a member on the Carriefans site and was a big fan of the person Chuckerwood. It is pitiful that he was basically forced off the site because he fought so hard against the negative trolls that do persist on the site. I had no idea at the time why the moderators wouldn’t defend him instead of publicly lambasting him for his strong defense of his pro-Carrie views. As many remember the back and forth byplay between him and Cary, the master chart guru, were legendary.

    My biggest complaint like many others is the non stop abuse of other artists such as Taylor Swift. I am not a fan of hers but it makes us real Carrie fans look so small when certain posters are allowed to bring her name up constantly in negative and disparaging terms. This then leads to others piling on and takes the conversation away from the artist we all supposedly cared about which is Carrie.

    Why is there so much focus on Taylor Swift on a Carrie Underwood fan site? I would think most real Carrie fans don’t go here everyday to hear Taylor bashing. Yoiu are there to share Carrie info and get the real inside info. It has ruined the daily discussion and totally needs to stop. I know Taylor fans that have signed up for this site as trolls just to be negative on Carrie. This is what we all now get!

    Bottom line is members need to stand up every time the bashing starts and politely tell those that do it all the time (yes, you Tee) to just stop and be a bigger person!

  10. Elie, I came back today to listen to the clip again and so disappointed that it hs been removed. I checked the Carriefans site and they are saying you were ordered to take it down? If so, who told you to do this?

  11. At first glance the lyrics seems a bit clunky, but I do like the chorus.. just not sure how it will come together.. BUT since 95% of Carrie’s songs are incredible (she really has one of the most consistent, solid, quality song catalogs in the business) I am sure she will deliver a knockout as usual. Carrie has said this is her “masterpiece” or she will “blow our minds” so I truly hope the ACM & CMA finally recognize again her talent, song craft, and quality music with a Best Album award… not too bash, but I still think its an embarrassment to the music industry that Fearless won all those Best Album awards, come on, that cd has 2-3 good songs, the rest filler.. how could everone being duped again into awarding an album that could have been makde by Selena or Avril? This is not negative, this is a respectiveful opinion (and I have all Taylor’s cds anyway) but this will never be right in my mind after Carnival Ride was upset by George Straight a few years ago.. how could a 3xPlatinum seller with 5 #1’s ad all those incredible songs and vocals NOT win either CMA or ACM Album of the Year, yet has been Straight does? It was either sexism or that same politics that have plagued CU for some time… us fans want the politics and games to stop and again award peerless talent that is our Carrie. Even Miranda has said she its not right for her to keep winning some of her vocal awards when everyone (including her) knows Carrie deserves them.. sorry to rant, we fans are always so protective and passionate about our girl… here’s a dropping an amazing 4th album and kick off a juggernaut 2012!!!

  12. Rob, you are attacking Taylor Swift whether you refer it a respectful opinion or not. We don’t need to make this always a comparison between Carrie and Taylor. Carrie is the best but we don’t need to always refer to other artists. You not only ripped Taylor’s album but then go on to criticize her vocals. This is not necessary and it makes us real Carrie fans seem petty and jealous.

    Also, you spend a lot of time talking about certain awards Carrie didn’t win. Why don’t you focus on all the numerous vocalist, album, and song awards she has won over the last six years. It is probably more than any other female country artist. Carrie is one of the most decorated female artists in the history of country music and she is only 28 years old. There really is no need to focus on the negative when there has been SO much positive in Carrie’s career!

  13. Gotta agree with Trish on this one Rob. It seems a little more than strange that you claim to have bought all of Taylor’s albums even though you criticize her vocals and then say her albums have only 2-3 good songs and the rest according to you are filler. Why would you buy all these albums when they only have 2-3 good songs and a whole lot of filler – sounds a bit fishy to me.

    Lastly, I disagree that the lyrics to Wine after Whiskey seem ‘clunky’. I find the lyrics to be borderline masterful as many others have already agreed.

  14. This is in response to earlier comments by Franny (aka Teesharky) as you let us know. It is one thing to voice opinions as you call them and not be robots. It is another thing to be the most negative so called fan site I have ever seen. Check out other fan sites such as Miranda Lambert’s or Taylor Swift’s and you will find almost no negativity. The Carriefans site is constantly filled with non stop complaints. I checked the site even today to see if anything had changed since I left and it was the same as always. Here is just a sample of what I found just today (one day) to make my point:

    – Carrie’s label is not doing a good job and is getting destroyed by Taylor’s label BMI.
    – Carrie should have gotten a spot on the Grammys and her marketing department needs to get going.
    – Why doesn’t Carrie put leaked demos on her album?
    – Don’t understand why Oklahoma Wind hasn’t been released.
    – Why are we not getting any info on the release date of the album?
    – There might be an announcement today that Carrie is pregnant.
    – Sony artists aren’t winning awards any more.

    This is why people like Chuckerwood, one of Carrie’s greatest fans have left this site.

    The final sad thing is the constant pitting of Carrie vs Taylor on the site as has been mentioned in so many of the above comments. The worst part is Carrie and Taylor have always had a lot of respect for each other and been friends over the years. It is hurtful to Carrie to have this site starting all this crap. Again as has been mentioned Carrie herself, her management, and family have nothing to do with anything that is put out on Carriefans.

    • Glen, just to let you know Chuckerwood is using a new name on CF so he is still a member there. His new user name is 12russ79 so your comments regarding him leaving the site are not factual. If you ever stop by be sure to say hi to him!

      • It is great that you acknowleged that Chuckerwood is still on the site…however he didn’t want his new name out there….we are great friends. We have PM’d many many times and he told me via PM that he was Chuckerwood and had his name changed to 12Russ79 and that he didn’t WANT ANYONE EXCEPT HIS TRUSTED FRIENDS TO KNOW HIS NEW USERNAME. So Raven, you just blew it…am sure he will change his name again since you put it out there for all to know…mark my words…it will happen and you won’t know his new username when he finds out you told everyone on this site and word spreads quickly!!!!! I don’t know you’re name on CF, but he will be extremely unhappy that you told his new username.

        Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I just wanted to defend Tee against some of the above posts. Tee is definitely not a troll as some the the others that have infected the carriefans site. Tee is one of Carrie’s biggest fans. I am on the site every day so see just about all of her posts and can understand why some might be against Tee if they visit the site once in a while.
    Tee is a glass half empty type of person and while she does make a lot of negative comments about Carrie, Sony, and fellow artists like Taylor Swift she does not do this in my opinion to be vindictive.

    In saying all this there is no question that Tee rubs a lot of people the wrong way with all the negativity and doubt BUT she is definitely a Carrie fan that I believe in the end only wants the best for Carrie Underwood.

  16. This Tee person is freaking nuts! I JUST WENT ON THE SITE TO CHECK OUT WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT AND YOU GUYS ARE SO RIGHT! I think every post this tee person makes has some reference to Taylor Swift – ridiculous, lol. She is now complaining that6 Carrie needs to hurry up her album because Taylor is getting all the attention. This person either just hates Taylor like psycho style otr is actually a troll for Taylor and just trying to spread a lot of hate. My guess is she is nothing but a troll!

  17. Raven, I’m glad to see Chuckerwood come back under a different name. I do know he left the site under bad terms for quite a while.

    Why is he using a different name after all those years?

  18. I didnn’t know Chuckerwood was back wither Raven and I am on the site often. Actually Tee is like the biggest thing on the site and if you read earlier comments she assumed Chuckerwood was long gone.

    Why is the fact that Chuckerwood is back such a big secret?

    • It’s not a secret that Chuckerwood has a new username, I’m surprised that anyone would think that. lol Several posters have different usernames then the ones they original signed up with.

      CF fans support Carrie in every possible way. They buy her music, attend her concerts, vote like their life depends upon it, many belong to her Official Fan Club and above all defend Carrie at all times. I never understood what the issue is… I do read so many negative comments in regards to that site.

      It was the original fan site that supported Carrie from the very beginning days of AI. The OFC was started after Carrie’s career took off. Never have understood why the 2 groups do not get along, I have been a part of both groups from the beginning and vey much enjoy CF and OFC.
      Both sites have love and admiration for Carrie and are equal in my eyes.

      One last thought I would like to share is that I think the moderators do an outstanding job. They are fair and permit members to share their opinions.
      Good moderators are essential for good forums; great moderators are essential for great forums… and the absence of moderators typically leads to ghost towns inhabited only by spam bots. The last I looked Carrie Fans is alive and well!!!

      Let’s ALL continue to enjoy Carrie and the exciting events that 2012 has in store for us!

  19. I appreciate your comments Raven but unfortunately it is a lot of propoganda.

    First, Chuckerwood was a long time member of Carriefans and was well known as being one of Carrie’s most ardent supporters. Chuckerwood became very frustrated by all of the negativity on the Carriefans site and would very strongly defend Carrie and her label. The moderators on the Carriefans site came down very hard on Chuckerwood and basically tried to muzzle him.

    I am not sure if this new person is the actual Chuckerwood but if he is then the moderators have him on a very tight leash as he is a completely different person from before. I am surprised that you are surprised that people don’t know Chuckerwood is back under a different name. I didn’t know and Teesharky, one of the most important and regular posters on the Carriefans site herself made comments about missing Chuckerwood. Obviously she also had no idea!

    Lastly, the big reason that there is so much negativity against the Carriefans site is the constant complaining about Carrie, her label, her producer, etc.. Anyone can check even the most recent postings and will see this very clearly. Also, the site is non stop in negative comments against Carrie’s friend, Taylor Swift. It has gotten so ugly that it has caused great divisions on the site as anyone who tries to defend Taylor is shunned. Again it is the very poor moderators on this site that allow this to happen. It is certainly against everything Carrie stands for to allow such abuse against another artists such as Taylor Swift.

  20. **** CHUCKERDAMUS SAYS******

    While the wheel of the world
    Is spinning around

    People that are legends in their own minds
    Post like illiterate clowns

    But one fact that they will never see
    Is that CHUCKERWOOD is on the Golfcourse
    But he will always support CARRIE…. LOL

    ********The End************

    PS- be nice Tricon…. Tee is a legend….Ellie….Ann has Emphezema and is very ill…. Keep that in mind… I can’t get on Cfans from France for some reason but I’ll be back soon..
    Take care everyone…..

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