Carrie Underwood – Blown Away Tracklisting

These are the tracks that will be on Blown Away, Carrie Underwood’s 4th studio album:

1. Good Girl (Carrie Underwood/Chris DeStefano/Ashley Gorley) – 3:24
2. Blown Away (Chris Tompkins/Josh Kear) – 4:00
3. Two Black Cadillacs (Carrie Underwood/Hillary Lindsey/Josh Kear) – 4:58
4. See You Again (Carrie Underwood/Hillary Lindsey/Dave Hodges) – 4:06
5. Do You Think About Me (Cary Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey, Shane Stevens) – 3:37
6. Forever Changed (Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey, James Slater) – 4:02
7. Nobody Ever Told You (Carrie Underwood/Hillary Lindsey/Luke Laird) – 4:10
8. One Way Ticket (Carrie Underwood/Luke Laird/Josh Kear) – 3:56
9. Thank God For Hometowns (Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey) – 4:01
10. Good In Goodbye (Carrie Underwood/Ryan Tedder/Hillary Lindsey) – 4:17
11. Leave Love Alone (Gordie Sampson/Hillary Lindsey/Troy Verges) – 3:19
12. Cupid’s Got A Shotgun (Carrie Underwood/Chris Tompkins/Josh Kear) – 3:43
13. Wine After Whiskey (Carrie Underwood/Tom Shapiro/Dave Berg) – 3:51
14. Who Are You (Mutt Lange) – 3:55.

Wine After Whiskey, which I had blogged about previously, has made the album while the Lori McKenna track, Nobody Knows, has not.

All in all, the titles are quite interesting. I’m very interested in hearing the Ryan Tedder track, Good in Goodbye actually. The album features 8 Carrie Underwood co-writes and 8 Hillary Lindsey co-writes. This should be a good mix.

6 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood – Blown Away Tracklisting

  1. I am dying to hear the Ryan Tedder track too, and Cupid’s Got a Shotgun. ha ha
    Claude Kelly with Wendell Mobley & Thrasher could be epic good too.


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  3. I noticed she has 14 songs, whereas her other cds have 13 songs… at any rate, this set list sounds amazing per usual. It seems she has put several slower, emotional songs too to balance out the upbeat tracks.. smart move. It still pains me and is a travesty the her Carnival Ride was upset by George Strait’s Troubador at the ACM Best Album Award. I will NEVER understand how both CMA and ACM did not award Carrie best album that year since CR had 5 #1 songs, sold 3M (biggest of the year)… and most importantly features many timeless, amazing w/ stellar vocals and delivery… “River of Love” (Strait) is better than “Just A Dream” ?? Damn you CMA/ACMs — and think that “Ex-GirlFriend” by Miranda won best album too – c’mon that is a joke.


  4. BTW – Diana Degarmo just put out a great song called “Good Goodbye”…. funny conicidence that Carrie has a song call “Good in Goodbye” — very similar title…:-)


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