Carrie Underwood Reveals New Single. And It’s Called…

Good Girl.”

As she had hinted before, Carrie Underwood wasn’t misleading her fans. Her first single off her upcoming album is indeed titled: “Good Girl,” as Carrie announced via a video shared exclusively with members of her fan club.

Good Girl is one of the titles included in the list of songs I had posted before that Carrie had co-wrote for the 4th album. You can check the full list here. The song was written by Carrie Underwood, Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano. Previous hits of the former include Carrie Underwood’s own “All-American Girl” and the latter has cuts such as “Let Me Down” on Kelly Clarkson’s newest album, Stronger.

I’m personally not a big fan of the title. However, after Carrie’s own comments regarding the material on this album being darker, edgier and among the best she’s ever written, I don’t think the single will disappoint. I think the title will most probably be wordplay à la “Crazy Girl” by Ely Young Band: “Crazy girl, don’t you know that I love you… I love you like crazy, girl.” Although I do expect Carrie’s material to be much more interesting than that. Her enthusiasm about the song is enough to signal so.

I do, however, love the single cover:

Yup, Carrie Underwood’s a “good girl” and she’s flaunting it.

Here’s the online confirmation:

And the video from the Fan Club:

The song will be sent for adds on Country radio on February 23rd. And according to this description by Country Music is Love, the song is “pretty rocking.”

Or you can read Carrie’s own words about it:

“We went into the writing session thinking we need to write something that just kicks butt, and Chris DeStefano, one of the writers is — I call him a little mad scientist on all of his Pro Tools stuff — he, like, plays every instrument you could possibly think of, and he, like, started makin’ this track, and we started…we just went. It was fast. We wrote it fast, and it’s just fun! It’s upbeat, it’s fun, you stomp your feet, and you can dance to it. It’s got this really rockin’ verse, and this really, like, rockin’ country chorus. So, it’s just a really cool song.”

10 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Reveals New Single. And It’s Called…

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  2. Wow thanks Ellie and just in the nick of time before CARRIELAND spontaneously combusted…. LOL
    I’m not a big fan of the title either but looking at that devilish smile in the picture I have a feeling this is going to be far from being about a GOOD GIRL…. Great blog Ellie I love reading your posts… Take care(!)


  3. this really made my day… Carrie will begin the next era of radio/charts domination with this spunky song… the suspense of listening to the lead single is almost unbearable but I trust it will be an instant classic per usual. I (like many others) feel that Carrie’s songs are not just singles, but EVENTS and with each release she continues to cement her legendary status. There is not one other artist in the last decade that boasts such an amazingly consistent catalog (well maybe Katy Perry?) but Carrie’s vocals, songwriting talent and beauty make her that unbeatable package.. good girl (or baby girl when singing w/ Steven Tyler) Carrie brings so much joy to us fans… good luck in reaching #1 in record time (is 5 weeks possible)? maybe….


    • i wouldn’t put Katy Perry in the same league as Carrie Underwood :p
      But yeah, the hype for this is reaching maximum heights. I’m certain country radio doesn’t await most artists the way it awaits new Carrie music. Hopefully it’ll be a great song.
      I seriously doubt the 5 weeks theory though.


  4. I meant that Katy Perry has had someting like 7 #1 singles in a row… and I believe she is the best pure “pop” star in the business – her songs and videos are fun, clever, and full of amazingly hooks. Lady Gaga, Keisha, Rhianna, and Beyonce all are way overrated… NO ONE can challenge Carrie’s talent, but Katy Perry should be considered the Madonna of today, not Gaga in my opinion…


    • Katy Perry has catchy songs but she can’t sing them live if her life depended on it. Lady Gaga had a good radio streak as well with her first album. Pop radio is too weird. I’d say the “it” thing on pop radio now is Adele by far.
      I’d much rather compare Carrie to Adele than to anyone else.


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