Lara Fabian coming to Lebanon After All?

Honestly this is getting quite confusing.

After demands to cancel Lara Fabian’s concerts and stop her from coming, the Italian-Belgian singer complied and wrote a passionate love letter to her Lebanese audience saying she won’t be a reason for tension between them.

And just when we thought the whole Lara Fabian saga is behind us, it looks like the story refuses to go away. Lara Fabian is coming for her concerts on valentine’s day and February 15th after all, according to a very heated article reposted by Lebanon Files from Al Akhbar (The article comprises the sentences: Lara Fabian not coming to the country that got Israel to kneel, etc…). You only need to read the last paragraph to see exactly how much they hate her.

Briefly, Fabian and her crew got visas to enter the country, Virgin Megastores are still selling tickets and the billboards on highways have not been removed.

I won’t go into how ridiculous and absolutely hilarious I think the statements containing “usurping entity” and “concert” in the same syntax. But this is going to be interesting to watch. And for those of us who simply can’t afford to splurge on Lara Fabian, time to bring out the pop corn and watch.

Lara Fabian’s concert organizers to BDS: “check.”

9 thoughts on “Lara Fabian coming to Lebanon After All?

  1. To put it simply:
    Playing on occupied territories, and exclaiming your love to the occupier at the end of the concert, is at the very least, supporting the apartheid.
    It is not a matter of us not listening to what the Israelis listen to, it is a matter of us not accepting/welcoming a perpetuator of the apartheid walls within our country borders.

    No matter, just like the hundreds of Starbucks branches perched around, and the Armin van Buren concert, and now the Lara Fabien concert, Lebanon does not really care.


    • And simply put, all artists who sing in Israel profess their love for that country just as they do when they come to Lebanon. They kiss the flag, chant for their “best audience ever!” and whatnot. It’s part of what artists do during concerts. The fact that we hold it against anyone who does anything in Israel is what’s troubling.


        • It’s troubling because there are way more important things the protesters for such causes can do and it’s a signal of the deep hypocrisy many of the people who protest such things go through. For reference, check my blog post about Syria kidnapping three Lebanese fishermen.


          • I’ve seen it, and I agree.
            Both should not be condoned, and if the protesters are only protesting the concert and forgetting the Arab leaders who trot Israeli grounds every other Sunday, then it is hypocrisy at its best.


            • Exactly and it’s not just that. But almost everything they use on daily basis as well (phones, laptops, toothpaste, clothes, coffee, etc…) has Israel-ties in a way or another.


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