A Lebanese Parody on the State of the Music Industry: 7assesne Enne Rkheesa

The lyrics for this “song” have been circulating around for a while now. And now there’s a video to boot. For those who thought the lyrics were actually serious, fear not. They are but a parody on the over-sexualizing in the music industry today, be it American pop or Lebanese music.

Trust me, I wanted to dismiss this as a gimmick but they do have a point, somehow, somewhere.

For non-Lebanese readers, the title “7assesne enne rkhisa” translates to “Make Me Feel Cheap,” which is how the people who did this believe music nowadays represents women.

Check the video:

I’m sure it won’t put a dent in the trend of music today. But at least people are noticing that there are less and less songs you can listen to with another person on radio without feeling awkward about their content. Case in point: Rihanna’s latest album has more than numerous proclamations of “F*** me.” Even the reviewers of that album said they felt self-conscious listening to it. I did not bother reviewing it.

Guess I’ll return to my safe country music bubble now. Good Girl, anyone?


6 thoughts on “A Lebanese Parody on the State of the Music Industry: 7assesne Enne Rkheesa

  1. disgusting.
    The Arabic songs are much much more vulgar (and disgustingly patriarchal) than the English. “narbeeshak tartashneh” w “kabraneh brasah” w “joomhooriyyit albe” w the like, tfeh.


    • I haven’t heard the first two. I hate the third one :p
      I think when it comes to songs being vulgar, it goes back to what we think is vulgar in society. Most Lebanese and arabic songs do not discuss sex because our societies are not that open. In the US and Europe, they discuss sex in songs more freely. But they’re taking it way too far.
      On the other hand, some Lebanese “artists” take making “fun” songs way too far. The sad thing is the women who can’t help but jump to their feet whenever “joumhouriyet albe” is on.


  2. In arabic it is more disgusting because we are not used to these kind of explicit verbs, because we are hypocrite, we talk about sex in a disturbing way such as “bous el wawa” seriously ? with haifa wehbe’s sexual music video ? is this a song for kids? i’d rather hear it explicitly than hypocritically. as for american songs, excuse me if i desagree, but ” i want to fuck you ” – akon , “like my lollipop ” – lil wayn – “S and M” rihanna , – “i just had sex (…) i want to put my penis inside her” – akon … do u really really believe that they are better?
    this parody is really good. it actually demeans in a very comic way the emptiness in our music industry. and yes they had to be that explicit because lebanese people ( as proven by the reaction of people and news papers and tv shows in lebanon ) do not react on anything that sounds wrong if it is implicit.
    this song is obviously a parody but it is either lebanese people are too stupid to understand that, or they have absolutely no life and need to talk about something so they demean this song into a pornographic song so they can criticize and talk about it even though they really know it is a parody. if it’s the first then , how glad i am to live among these people, if it is the second, how glad i am to live among these people. and for lebanese readers who enjoy not understanding or demeaning what they see, i am being sarcastic when i say how glad i am to live among these people.


    • The music industry is going downhill everywhere. And unfortunately, artists go the route that sells.
      People want to listen to them singing about such things. All the examples you gave are valid.


    • Of course, I did not mean that the English songs were better. I guess the Arabic language (in its richness) allows for cruder imagery, which is what makes all the difference. And like you said, we really aren’t used to the explicit (and the implicit isn’t any better.)


      • Both languages can be used to draw impeccable imagery. Arabic is more “artsy” because the people who use it are more spiritual, I think. But yeah, both music scenes royally suck (apart from select few artists.) My favorite English-singing artists aren’t even known in Lebanon.



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