A Lebanese Parody on the State of the Music Industry: 7assesne Enne Rkheesa

The lyrics for this “song” have been circulating around for a while now. And now there’s a video to boot. For those who thought the lyrics were actually serious, fear not. They are but a parody on the over-sexualizing in the music industry today, be it American pop or Lebanese music.

Trust me, I wanted to dismiss this as a gimmick but they do have a point, somehow, somewhere.

For non-Lebanese readers, the title “7assesne enne rkhisa” translates to “Make Me Feel Cheap,” which is how the people who did this believe music nowadays represents women.

Check the video:

I’m sure it won’t put a dent in the trend of music today. But at least people are noticing that there are less and less songs you can listen to with another person on radio without feeling awkward about their content. Case in point: Rihanna’s latest album has more than numerous proclamations of “F*** me.” Even the reviewers of that album said they felt self-conscious listening to it. I did not bother reviewing it.

Guess I’ll return to my safe country music bubble now. Good Girl, anyone?

Katy Perry’s Hidden Message in E.T?

Katy Perry’s new video for her smash hit E.T. was released on Thursday and, like the song, it’s all about aliens and weirdness.

I have mixed feelings about the video personally. I thought it was way overhyped (everyone was saying how it was going to be the video of the year and whatnot) so I was let down by the final result. But it was still a good video in the sense that it wasn’t boring and it was definitely engaging. The visual effects were quite good, especially for a music video, and I just like the song. I did ever since I listened to its demo.

You can watch the video here.

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