Al Akhbar & Lara Fabian: Disturbing Lebanese Journalism

You know what’s very sad? It’s when a leading Lebanese newspaper, amid all of what’s happening in Lebanon and the region, decides to have a picture like this as their headline, with the words “Lan Ta2ti” [She’s Not Coming] to top it all off:

I mean, who cares about the thousands getting killed in Syria? Who cares about Lebanon’s electricity crisis? Who cares about development projects with a very dangerous security cover? Who cares about the Achrafieh building collapse & Lebanon’s rental laws? Who cares about Lebanon’s crumbling infrastructure? Who cares about anything relevant, important, vital & crucial that might be happening?

Besides, Lara Fabian and a picture of the Star of David… she MUST be an Israel spy. It’s not like the Star of David is a religious symbol for Judaism or anything.

For a newspaper like Al Akhbar, the fact that Lara Fabian is not coming to Lebanon is the “it” news for a day. I’m sure they consider it a victory. And that’s a very sad thing for Lebanon and journalism. It’s sad that some journalists and newspapers might be so narrow-minded as to believe a concert in Lebanon by someone who sang in Israel is high-treason. As if the tickets revenues are going to buy rockets to fire on Lebanese and Palestinians.

It was Al Akhbar, after all, that made a big deal of the rumor that she might have been coming back after all. I wonder though, where do they stand on the very “lean” verdict that Fayez Karam got regarding his dealings with Israel? Or is it only high-treason when someone high-profile and not belonging to their political niche does it?

Al Akhbar, it’s time to stop your over obsession. No one cares anymore.



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