Samsung Street Challenge: Galaxy Note vs iPhone – Big Failure!

It looks like Samsung isn’t bored of taking on Apple’s users with its ads. The latest is a street challenge where they got an iPhone user with a Galaxy Note user and asked them to perform three different tasks with the phone.

Needless to say, the Galaxy Note performed all three. The iPhone? None.

Let’s get a few things straight.

1) There’s a simple app to crop someone’s face on the iPhone.

2) The maps app actually allows you to draw trajectories. It’ even automated. You don’t have to hold a stylus to draw a road.

3) Keynote, anyone?

The only thing this “ad” does is expose the iPhone user as pretty much clueless. Not only does she have absolutely no freaking idea what to do with her phone, I don’t think she should be owning a smartphone in the first place.

Either way, if your idea of an awesome phone is a brick against your ear, then fine by me. But these ads that insult a viewer’s intelligence need to stop. Oh and did Samsung forgot to get the memo that styluses are not “in” anymore with modern day technology?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Street Challenge: Galaxy Note vs iPhone – Big Failure!

  1. Dear Elie,

    As an owner of an Ipad 2 and a Galaxy S II . Let me tell you that you are wrong. Apple are not gods, they are good marketers, true, their initiative in releasing the first iphone started all this rumble of smartphones, the day that the iOS becomes something other than an app drawer i will be ready to debate it against android, the stylus u were talking about well i did not expect that from you at least read a bit about the S-pen and its benefits. Smartphones, music, food, clothes, all these have one thing in common, “taste” in the end it’s the tool that makes you feel comfy while using it shall be in your picket. But whenever i am using an iOS Device i feel constricted, no matter how much you try to modify it your iphone will look exactly as other peoples iphones. Whereas on Android you can have widgets flash new kernels modify the phone as you please. Plus most of apple parts are manufactured by samsung so samsung are always winning :p. You can write an article about the new law suit samsung filed on apple. All these patent wars are useless, if you follow apple’s logic in suing then if tesla was still alive he would’ve sued all humanity. just sayin.

    Nice Tech Blog. keep it alive with heated subjects!!


    • I didn’t address most of the points you mentioned in your comment in this post. But I disagree. When most smartphones are not using a stylus, having one in the “newest” smartphone is a step backwards, irregardless of how you see it.
      When it comes to iOS, Apple has made a whole system where hardware complements software. With android, this is not the case. With iOS 5, Apple has basically gotten past android in strides and with iOS 6 this year, it will even get ahead even more. I do not care about widgets. Why would I use them? They use up memory and battery for what? Show me the current weather condition?
      Regarding the whole parts manufactured by samsung. Actually that’s not true. Samsung manufactures some parts but those parts are designed by Apple so the patent holds for Apple. Samsung becomes basically a factory for the production of what Apple came up with. But basically Samsung isn’t the only company manufacturing parts for Apple. You also have LG for example. And yet I don’t see patent lawsuits being hurled at LG.

      Either way, this post was to show exactly how messed up the “ad” Samsung came up with for the Galaxy Note vs iPhone. I can do with my iPhone what that person did with his Galaxy Note and way more. It goes back to how knowledgeable a user is of his device. And at the end of the day, you use whichever platform you prefer – whatever floats your boat, as they say.



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