Samsung Street Challenge: Galaxy Note vs iPhone – Big Failure!

It looks like Samsung isn’t bored of taking on Apple’s users with its ads. The latest is a street challenge where they got an iPhone user with a Galaxy Note user and asked them to perform three different tasks with the phone.

Needless to say, the Galaxy Note performed all three. The iPhone? None.

Let’s get a few things straight.

1) There’s a simple app to crop someone’s face on the iPhone.

2) The maps app actually allows you to draw trajectories. It’ even automated. You don’t have to hold a stylus to draw a road.

3) Keynote, anyone?

The only thing this “ad” does is expose the iPhone user as pretty much clueless. Not only does she have absolutely no freaking idea what to do with her phone, I don’t think she should be owning a smartphone in the first place.

Either way, if your idea of an awesome phone is a brick against your ear, then fine by me. But these ads that insult a viewer’s intelligence need to stop. Oh and did Samsung forgot to get the memo that styluses are not “in” anymore with modern day technology?


Samsung Shamelessly Ripping Off Apple – Again

Despite being sued by Apple almost everywhere and them resisting, Samsung have apparently not learned from their lawyers who couldn’t differentiate between an iPad and a Galaxy Tab.
This time, for their MP3 player, they didn’t just copy the iPod Touch’s design, they also copied the ad that introduced the iTouch, even the folding of earphones around the iPod.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. So here you go:


Now Samsung needs to get their engineers & designers to put their their thinking caps on because this is getting ridiculous. While I will never dignify them by buying a product of theirs, they either need to acknowledge the fact that are uninspired and, therefore, stop churning out Galaxy products faster than rabbits breeding or they need to get a grip with their counter-lawsuits.