Gas Prices in Lebanon: 38,000LL and Counting. Where Do We Go Now?

The wages increase that workers got lately is being eaten away fast by dramatically increasing prices all around. But none is more prominent, perhaps, than gas prices which are nearing an all-time high at 38,000LL. It is expected to reach over 40,000LL in the coming weeks.

I remember when prices were even less than this last year and people were up in a fit against the former governmental establishment. Former minister of finance Rayya Hassan got into a byzantine debate with current minister of energy Gebran Bassil before a 5000LL fee got deducted from gas prices.

Where’s that 5000 now? We’ve already gotten it back and then some. Why isn’t anyone discussing this? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?

The sad fact is that half of that 38,000LL goes to the government in taxes. One of those taxes is progressive, increasing as oil prices increase worldwide. More money for our country’s coffers, surely. We’re not paying for a product. We’re paying for a privilege.

So from now on, fellow Lebanese, simply do not warm up the car when you turn it on. That’s over 5000LL of gas right there, wasted. Don’t leave the car turned on while you’re stuck in traffic. That’s at least a gallon wasted. If you’re having a hard time to find a parking place in Beirut, don’t be stingy, take the car to a parking lot. You’ll actually be saving money.

Or you know what, the weather is beautiful, spring is here. How about we take some camels and wander around Downtown Beirut? You know the tourists will be happy, it’s eco-friendly and it will fit right in with the stereotypes.

I remember the long gone days when Gebran Bassil said he’d never sign on gas price increases.

Where do we go now? to the stables, of course.


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