Earth Hour in Lebanon


Observing Earth Hour in Lebanon begs the question: what’s the point?
And if you think about it, there isn’t any. How so?

Well for starters, half of the country will forcibly go dark at Earth Hour. Yes, electricity shortages will hit. It defeats the purpose of voluntarily switching off your lights for an hour when you’re involuntarily going through the process every day. And not just for one hour.

We also have a gas prices crisis so you know people aren’t going around like they used to. It’s just so expensive to go that kilometer by car nowadays. So we walk instead. It’s greener, healthier and we get to enjoy the beauty of our urbanized mountains.

Moreover, we’ve had the rotten meat fiasco lately. So many people have drastically decreased their intake of the substance, thereby going greener – literally. And you know “green” food is more eco-friendly than cows and goats.

So for all matters and purposes, our carbon footprint has been rendered so meaningless that it would register as a statistical error in studies. Everyday in Lebanon is Earth Day. We should receive a medal for it.
I, for one, am not turning off my lights for the hour of grid-connection I get. I have them turned off for the other 23.

2 thoughts on “Earth Hour in Lebanon

  1. If Lebanon really want to earn a medal for being “green”, why the government start investing in renewable energy? why they keep insisting in investing in power plants that use natural gas (less pollutant then crude oil) and increase people’s electrical bill?
    When I finish my paper about a new model using renewable energy to light up suburban areas in Lebanon things will change Inshallah.


    • I was being sarcastic. There’s no way Lebanon deserves a medal for being green. Have you seen the landfills? Or where our sewers go? Or the lack of parks in Beirut? The list goes on and on.



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