Spare Us The Samir Geagea Hate

I told a civil war story last year that I made ambiguous on purpose to reach a certain conclusion, which was that everyone’s to blame for the Lebanese civil war if we really want to move the country forward.

However, I recently realized that Lebanese need a scapegoat for them killing each other. Their scapegoat was chosen to be Samir Geagea.

For some, Geagea killed them because they were of a certain religion, region, background, etc. For others, their sense of guilt kicks in and Geagea killed the aforementioned people because of their religion, region or background, as well as some of them who were “strong” enough to defy him.

The murderer! The liar! The assassin! The faithless! The abomination!

For many apparently, Samir Geagea was fighting the air during the Lebanese civil war. He was drawing his weapons against everyone but no one was drawing their weapons against him or his party.

For many it seems, Samir Geagea and his party were busy ruining the country all by themselves during the Lebanese civil war. No one else did anything worthy to be mentioned.

For many, the only war criminal of the Lebanese civil war is Samir Geagea. As if it’s possible for Samir Geagea to lead a whole civil war all by himself.

You defend Samir Geagea? You’re an accomplice to his murders. You complement him? They expected so much more of you. You admire him? You need to learn your history.

Because they know their history very well, I’m sure. Every single Lebanese now has a PhD in Lebanese civil war times and I was out of the loop. It’s sad.

The illusion that some people are innocent because they were legitimate needs to be removed. A bridge needs to be built and people need to get over that idea en masse. The fact that certain parties were violent to certain guests on our land can only be explained by the actions of those guests in a land that’s not theirs. The actions of certain parties cannot be taken out of the context during which they were carried out and treated as stand-alone events. It simply doesn’t make sense, regardless of how hideous those acts may be.

The civil war is an uncivil epoch.

No one in the civil war was a saint. If those involved had been as such, it wouldn’t be called a war and we would have had a very civil era. It’s far from being the case.

So let me put the situation today in the following manner.

If during the war your car was ruined? Blame Geagea. Your house was set on fire? Blame Geagea. You got stopped at a checkpoint? Blame Geagea. Your great-great-great-cousin, 2 degrees removed got killed? Blame Geagea.

Geagea barely escapes death? Blame Geagea. Anyone else barely escapes death? Blame Geagea.

Blame Geagea for everything – because that is the way we move forward.

If you’re one of those people who still consider the civil war in making their political choices today, then I pity you. If you’re one of those people who still need a scapegoat for your own mistakes just so you can please your conscience, I pity you.

Spare us the Geagea hate. Spare us the mindless, useless and retro attitude. If your mind is still in the civil war, perhaps getting it out of there is the first step towards building a country, instead of preaching about the importance of change and reform in moving Lebanon forwards.

Change and reform begin on the inside. Change your mentality. Reform your hate. And then come talk to me.

The ironic thing is that Geagea is the only one among all Lebanese political leaders today that went to jail for some of his supposed actions. Everyone else faced next to negligible consequences.

Tenzeker w ma ten3ad? At this rate, yeah right.

13 thoughts on “Spare Us The Samir Geagea Hate

    • I’m not portraying him as a victim of the civil war. I said everyone (no exceptions) did bad things.
      But he is a victim when everyone’s making him the go-to scapegoat of the Civil War.


  1. someone whose finally being fair …. Thank you This is what i have been saying : Sabra and Shatila are a shame for Christians but why doesnt anyone speak about Damour massacre and the desecration of churches ….

    Only one scapegoat … harammmm


  2. everyone during the civil war did bad things,the only difference between geagea and the others is the fact that he paid for it 11 years of his life in jail while other militia murderes became powerfull ministers and MPs .and guys he was not involved in the sabra & shatilla massacre ,


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  4. Lets clear the air the man is a murderer and he commited war crimes and killed people OK but many othrrs commited far worse crimes and faced literally no consequences while he was thrown in jail we should look at that point and also agree that he wasnt the worst warlord in the war that title goes to a certain partner known as Elie hobeika and people seem quick to forget that he saved 30,000 lived that would have been massacred by the druze and the palestinians during the mountain war my mother was there and before we continue she lived in the mountains so she certainly wasn’t one of his supporters but she told me if he hadnt held the line long enough for christian civilians to get to safety they would have been massacred and lets not forget that after getting out ofbjail he was the ONLY former warlord who apologized for his crimes (wether it was sincere or for show atleast he apologized which is more than we can say for everyone else) and one last thing history shows us that people can evolve from bad to decent especially after 11 years in jail and if he cannot atone for his crimes and will always be held accountable for them whatever he decides to do while all the others crimes arent even mentioned it hardly seems fair to the man



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