Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Song on Blown Away

In a recent interview, Carrie Underwood spoke about her favorite song on her upcoming album, Blown Away.

She said:

I do have a favorite track on this album. It’s a slow one and it’s kind of a sad one. But it’s by far, I think, the most well-written song I’ve heard in my life. There’s something so old fashioned and beautiful about it. It just takes you back to a whole other time. It’s a movie. It’s some gorgeous love story, kind of between a mom and daughter. It’s just gorgeous. I had the hardest time getting through this song without bawling my eyes out and had the hardest time still listening to it even though I’ve heard it a hundred times. So chances are I’ll never perform it in person. But it’s my favorite and I think it’ll be easy when people hear the album to know which one I’m talking about.

The song she’s talking about is Forever Changed, written by Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey and James Slater. It is about a young girl meeting the love of her life, getting married and having a baby. It takes you back in time to tell the story. At the end, the mom’s slipping away a little bit. It is a sad song that’s about love, being forever changed, forever loved.

I would have thought Carrie’s favorite song would be the second single “Blown Away,” especially after all the praise that she has given it. Either way, Forever Changed sounds like a great song and Tom Douglas is a terrific songwriter. He recently wrote Miranda Lambert’s biggest hit: The House That Built Me.

Carrie Underwood’s album, Blown Away, will be released on May 1st.

This is the interview:


5 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Song on Blown Away

  1. I still think SOMEDAY WHEN I STOP LOVING YOU will always be Carrie’s most beautiful, emotional song — it really is a stunner and we all agree should have been her 5th single off Play On. What a shame as that kind of song could win Song of they Year, but alas, they industry may have even snubbed her on that song how crazy that may seem. I look forward to hearing the full song with Carrie’s peerless vocals. bravo


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