The Sampler Clips for Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away

Link removed.

A low-quality recording of the samples, just for those who absolutely cannot not listen.

The album sounds EPIC. Epic I tell you.

Blown Away (the song) is unlike anything Carrie has done before. Two Black Cadillacs sound like a great story. I remember when I heard the Play On sampler, I felt the first half of the album was much stronger. I don’t feel that way with Blown Away. There are strong songs on each half.

What do you think?

The album will be available for preview on iTunes on April 24th.


34 thoughts on “The Sampler Clips for Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away

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  2. I am so excited to hear BLOWN AWAY.. but at first listen the cd sounds a little disjointed and some of the production (like processed voice on “Blown Away:) sound a bit strange to me… I am sure I will cherish her cd but right now I have never felt this way – a little uneasy about the song choices… yikes. I am sure I am wrong…

      • I have listened to the clips again.. and i do love most of the tracks… her voice sounds so confident and committed to these songs… it should be great… but I wish she had recorded her amazing cover of Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On from her Opry live shows…. that would have been insane…have you heard it ?

    • Really? This seems like her first grown up CD from the clips! That is not be say I didnt love her other 3 Albums, this one just seems so artistically mature from the clips. Blown Away is so intense and different.

  3. No no no. And to think that I’ve already preordered my copy. Carrie, I’ve never been disapointed. I hate EVERY SINGLE SONG minus Good Girl. What has happened?! 😦 Maybe next time. Carnival Ride remains her best album to date. I hate Blown Away – Once I recieve my copy I’m immediatly getting on Ebay to sell my copy.

    • Good Lord, I’m thinking you are not really a Carrie Underwood Fan. If you hate Every Single song, chances are you just hate life in general.

      • Walker – Yeah and your just a fuckin ass so shut up & leave me alone.

        And your right – I havent heard the whole album yet; only snippets – and I may like the album but based on these snippets, I dont like what I’m hearing. Cant take it too hard tho; Carrie warned everyone that her new album would be totally different then previous ones. Hope the album doesn’t disappoint or it will go on Ebay or I’ll give it to a friend.

    • Seriously?!? You haven’t even heard the album in its entirety, yet and you’re blowing it off based on these clips?


    • Briana, that is harsh, but your choice. This is why clips are not a good idea. It can give you a distorted view. Hope you listen before you sell it as even her critics are giving rave reviews to the album.

  4. I have never waited so long for an album!! And thank you god this is soooo much more than I would have hoped! This is the best album I’ve heard, seriously. SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! Thank you Carrie!!!

  5. If you can’t find one single song based off the snippets that you like….you are just not a fan. Simple. Not every song is different and edgy. Some of the ballads are just like she’s done on the prior three CD’s.

  6. Well after listening to this again & again & again & again, a few songs have struck me as good. Not great but good. Wine After Whiskey in particular. I’ll buy it – I’m sure it’ll be great.

  7. Waited THREE FREAKING YEARS to Wine After Whiskey. I’m soo happy to say that I am far from disappointed with it. That’s the track I was most excited for.. That and Cupid’s Got A Shotgun I think are going to be my favorites. I don’t outright hate anything on here, but time will tell. One thing I will say is I like the lyrics, but so far I don’t like the sound of Blown Away.. I’m sure my opinions will change May 1st!!! 🙂

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