Ahmad Kataya: A Lebanese Muslim Sheikh on a Lebanese Woman Converting to Christianity… Sorcery

This is disgusting. This is disturbing. This is mortifying. This is despicable. This is nauseating. This is degrading. This is atrocious. This is an abomination. This is an intellectual insult.

The girl in question was abused by her father and escaped from her house. A priest named Walid Gharious took her in and helped her get back on her feet. She decided to convert to Christianity and fulfilled that decision a few days ago.

Father Walid Gharious was kidnapped as a result, only to be released a few hours later.

Did security forces care? I doubt. And even if they did, I’m sure they have no power over those who could fathom kidnapping a priest because he baptized someone of their denomination. You know, because what matters here is “the dignity of the Shiite sect” – I am quoting Ahmad Kataya, a Shiite sheikh who believes this dignity rests on breaking the Christian spell the girl was put under.

Bye bye sanity. Hello Harry Potter…. Lebanon style.

I feel offended. I feel ashamed that such a person is allowed to preach anything in my country. I feel ashamed that this person finds a person choosing a religion is offending him personally. I find it offensive that this creature finds someone exercising their right for the freedom of religion is something close to sorcery.

Who knew it? Hogwarts exists! It exists in Lebanese monasteries. It exists in Lebanese convents. What’s the main function of those convents? Put spells on Muslims to convert them. The kidnapped father is the master sorcerer. Let’s call him Dumbledore instead of Gharious. It’s only fitting after all. His main vessel for spells? Tele Lumiere. I always knew there was something fishy about that station.

Kataya also attacked the president personally. Can we apply the law that says this is not allowed? I’d be one happy person if it happened. Just this once. But wait, that law is only applied on helpless citizens who don’t have the backing of militias and medievalish tribes.

Dark ages to Mr. Kataya, over.

22 thoughts on “Ahmad Kataya: A Lebanese Muslim Sheikh on a Lebanese Woman Converting to Christianity… Sorcery

      • I didn’t bring up what he said. I brought up what you said. You are free to disrespect religions, it’s your own personal blog (just like anybody else is free to say that the trinity or Jesus turning wine into water or exorcisms or demons existing or God existing or Jesus walking on water all insult their intelligence), but please don’t hide under the cloak that you “respect religions” and then come say that something Muslims believe in “insults your intelligence”.


        • It does insult my intelligence when something so simple as a girl choosing to convert is turned to sorcery. You are free to believe what you want and since you seem like a devout Muslim, I assume you don’t believe in the founding principles of Christianity. And that’s okay. Excuse me for not believing in sorcery and dark magic.


          • I am a Muslim, yes, don’t consider myself that devout though. And I know that it’s okay that I don’t believe in the principles of Christianity. But saying something like “The idea of a trinity really insults the intelligence” is pretty disrespectful (and i wouldn’t say that). There’s no other way of putting it. You don’t have to believe in dark magic just like I don’t believe in the trinity, but you can respect that half the population in your country believe in it just like I would respect half the population in the country who believe in Jesus as God [PS dark magic is also in the bible, but whatever].

            But again, your blog, your business. I just threw in my two cents.


            • Well if there’s something that I was taught in hours of catechesis is that the understanding of the bible evolves in time, different explanations and whatnot. When someone says the trinity insults intelligence, they’re insulting the foundation of Christianity. When I say sorcery insults my intelligence, I’m not insulting the foundations of Islam.

              But I suggest you watch the video, if you haven’t, to see exactly on what levels this sheikh is being offensive.


              • I saw this live 😛
                I really shrugged it off, the girl’s probably happy and *safe* now, which is all that matters to me personally.
                The bible does evolve in time, but what I meant by my comment was it is still very much part of the Christian belief today as well (I know many Christians who do believe in it, though I also do know many that do not).

                Fair enough. On your comment on insulting the foundations of Christianity versus the non-foundations of Islam.

                I hope you got where I’m getting at though.


                • The priest and other monks are not safe. There has been kidnapping of various religious figures in the region. That’s what’s scary – and the fact that security forces can’t obviously do anything about it.
                  I know where you’re getting at. My comment was intended on the overall discourse of Kataya, not simply the sorcery point. The whole 8 minute thing.


  1. We don’t need no education
    We dont need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone
    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

    “Wrong, Do it again!”
    “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you
    have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”
    “You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!”


  2. So when a Catholic converts to Shiism.. Dakhlkoun leh ma btetdakhal karamet el cha3b el Masihi kello sawa?? His ego just can’t take it! Who forced his daughter to watch Tele Lumiere or to love Jesus? Nobody. So of course, she must be demented. Eza chi harabit el maskine khawfan men el ghassil el dmeigh elle rah “y3eljouwa” fi le anno eza badda tghayyir dina badda tkoun akiiiid mafsoume aw dahiyyet cha3waza! Poor girl. They took her back to her parents’ house today. I feel so sorry for her and what’s going to happen to her…
    Calling for a civil war because his daughter converted to Christianity?? WTF. This man is the perfect example why Islamophobia is on the rise today… Ignorant, bigot, and revolting, and it’s a shame he’s giving Islam such a negative image. Heads up to Ahmad!


    • Precisely. I never thought such a thing would make news. Apparently it did. People should be free to pray whoever they want – not for many people apparently.


  3. First of all, I know I’m three years late but I can’t just ignore this after watching it..
    I will not use certain vocabulary to describe this so I’ll express it with utmost simplicity.
    This dude/sheikh is really ignorant and stupid, and I was literally laughing my ass off during his entire speech, and as a Muslim Shiite, I find this very insulting, idiotic, and it shows ultimate hypocrisy..



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