Lebanon’s Alfa Introduces U-Chat

I was driving yesterday when I heard an ad on the radio announcing a new type of prepaid plan from Alfa called U-chat. When I got home, I researched about it further and found the offer to be very interesting and unLebanese-like.

U-chat is a new recharge system, next to regular prepaid and Waffer, that’s closer to a plan than a simple credit recharge. Two varieties exist: $9 and $17.5.

You can switch your prepaid line to U-chat and convert U-chat back to prepaid free of charge. The recharges for regular prepaid, not Waffer, apply to U-chat. You can also have someone send you credit if you are low on it.

The following are the plans:

For $9:

For $17.5:

And out-of-plan rates:


The 10 or 20 minutes for weekdays are for the whole month. If you finish those 10 or 20 minutes before the month is up, you’re charged 60 cents per minute even if the 20 or 40 minutes for the weekend are not done.

I think the “Out of Plan” charges are overpriced, which makes this the main drawback of the plan, when it comes to minutes and extra MB consumption.

The plans in themselves are interesting considering we’ve never had a texting, calling and data bundle in Lebanon before.  This a good step. But seeing as such plans are apparently not impossible, shouldn’t there be a bigger variety especially for users who might need more than 250MB per month and more than 60 minutes?


37 thoughts on “Lebanon’s Alfa Introduces U-Chat

  1. so let’s say you have a few dollars left and change from prepaid to U-chat, are these dollars transferable?? if yes, how would they be divided (minutes, SMS, internet)??

    • Yes they are transferrable. For example, if you have $4 and you switch to U-chat, your U-chat line will have them. But you’re gonna have to add to them in order to activate one of the two plans.

  2. I told you I told there’s a god who loves me. Wow wow wow
    Happy face!
    Although it’s not the same as unlimited texting and 2GB/month but it still works

  3. What if the 20 or 40 mins of the weekends are totaly consumed before the 10 or 20 mins of the weekdays ??? what happens then ?

  4. okay great thx 😀 I have another question if u dont mind …. how do we choose the number we can call during weekends without any fee ? and are we allowed to change it once we made our choice ??

  5. Is it true that the 9$ sim card is sold for 20 000 LL and the 17.5 $ one is sold for 40 000 LL ? or the guy was just tried to rip me off ?

  6. Helloo..i transfer my alfa recharge account to u_chat it has been 11 hours and i can’t open my 250 mb internet although i configured my mobile network i will ask u that how can i activate my u_chat internet plz if u can help me i’ll be glad thank you

  7. Hello! I just subscrited to the “invisible” service through my Uchat account.. All went well, 3$ were taken from my account and it says Yes under “can i use it?” on alfa.com.lb ‘s services page. But when i use the 101 prefix and call, i’m told “la youmkinouka l ittisal 3a heyda l ra2m”.. what’s wrong? :s

  8. hi
    sry but how many dollars at least should i have of dollars on your phone to change my prepaid number to u-chat 9?

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  11. How do i recharge my u9 account? I already have 9$ in my account hut what do i do? Like send a message ? Plz help! And thx in advance !


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