4G In Lebanon? Apparently Yes.

A very good friend recently told me that her sister was getting a 4G signal on her phone in Batroun. While I still don’t have 3G on Alfa, it looks like MTC are moving on to the next generation already. I would assume Batroun is not their top priority and other regions have this as well.

I find it interesting that it hasn’t been advertised anywhere yet. I remember reading that LTE and 4G would be available in Lebanon starting summer 2012. We all thought they were kidding back then. While I still don’t think it will happen by then, it looks like 4G in Lebanon is closer than we think.

I guess we should’ve gotten those 4G LTE iPads.

5 thoughts on “4G In Lebanon? Apparently Yes.

  1. Objection!

    The phone is the HTC MyTouch 4G from T-Mobile.
    T-Mobile label their HSPA+ network as 4G (that’s douchebaggery, if you ask me). And since the phone is branded, they control when to display the 4G icon (apparently, always..)
    In lebanon we do have HSPA+ and they are selling it as 3.9G which is less of a douchebaggery.

    all in all, this carrier branded phone is misinforming you of the network type.


  2. my Blackberry 9900 gave me H+ on october 2012 , i assume that we have a 4G network in lebanon , but as the above ;the phone is misleading đŸ˜›



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