Facebook, “Social” Media & Stupid People….

Imagine this real-life scenario.

You come back home and check Facebook. It’s late at night so the timeline is slow. Someone has shared a picture from an album they titled “:D:D.” The title they gave their post is: R.I.P, I will miss you. You look at the picture and at the album’s name. It’s a while before the idea connects in your head.

You look at the picture and you know the person in the picture. It’s someone from your family. Yes, you just found out they died from Facebook not a few hours later via a phone call like your parents intended to tell you.

Now imagine this other real-life scenario.

You get news that your grandma is sick so you book an airplane ticket to Lebanon to see her. The moment you land, you check your phone. The messaging service of choice, in this case BBM, is full of people who have changed their statuses to the typical “R.I.P” stuff.

The former scenario happened to me a few hours ago. The second one happened to a friend. I had heard of similar incidents happening to other people as well.

It seems that even when it comes to death, people are quickly losing their head. Why in the name of everything that is holy would anyone want to make a Facebook “scoop” out of the death of a loved one? Shouldn’t they be grieving instead?

Shouldn’t people have that common-sense fuse that perhaps not everyone has been told about the death in question and they should refrain from updating their Facebook status thirty minutes after the person passes away, while their body is still warm?

I have the answer as to why people like that do what they do: stupidity, lack of class, lack of consideration…

Will they care? Absolutely not. All they care about is getting those coveted Facebook likes and comments. The post in question in the scenario that happened with me now has 23 likes and 19 comments. Mission accomplished? I think so.

7 thoughts on “Facebook, “Social” Media & Stupid People….

  1. i totally agree with you about this , but i’m wondering about the LIKES that RIP statuses usually get, what’s in it to like people ?? do u even know what like means ?????? and what about those sad faces !!!! someone just died and people comment with 😦 !!??!!!


  2. I just had a similar experience. It was a death in my wife’s family and I raced against time to reach my wife at work, to break the bad news, as the SMART people already started updating status and FB pics. Too sad, too bad, but the good news I managed to beat the odds and reach her before she got the news as a “social update”


    • 3awwad bi salemtak 😦

      Facebook should really start blocking any R.I.P news for a few hours once they start popping up. Perhaps we should suggest this to them.



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