Tannoura Maxi is Banned in Lebanon

Because the government has so much free-time on its hands,

Because nothing else is important & going on nowadays,

Because there’s nothing wrong in Lebanon that needs to be rectified,

Because our threshold for offenses is so damn low and our pride so damn high,

Because our journalists are so keen on research,

Because our TV stations can’t wait to eat up a controversy,

Tannoura Maxi has been banned in Lebanon, following a request by the Lebanese Catholic Information Center. Hate or like the movie, you can’t but be against such a thing. If you think this is irrelevant compared to what the country is going through, you are right. But then think about how such a decision came to be in the light of what the country is going through and you’ll come to the same conclusion I got to.

This is pitiful. This is a disgrace. This is an insult to our intelligence and our freedom. This is an insult to Christianity, an insult to the Bible and an insult to anything Jesus Christ stood for.

Christian priests, are you happy? I am a Christian and I’m telling you – you are disgusting. You are so narrow-minded that if I tried to look through the hole that is your mind, the only thing I can see is emptiness. Is that what they teach you at whatever school you go through to become priests? To close in your mind and get offended at anything that touches on your religion in a way you find unfavorable?

How does this reflect on us, Christians, when your narrow-mindedness if the only thing people can see of us? Have you perhaps wondered that if some people decided to convert from Christianity because of a movie like Tannoura Maxi, however unlikely that may be, it’s not the movie’s fault but it’s your own? Or it’s perhaps because you don’t want the reality of having so many people with so little faith on your hands that you are panicking about anything and everything?

Weren’t you offended, dear priests, by Muslims smashing statues of the Virgin Mary in Where Do We Go Now? Weren’t you offended by them faking a miracle and saying the word “waté” in church? Weren’t you offended by one of the actresses throwing dirt at the statue of the Virgin Mary?

Or is “offending” religions also hypocritical in Lebanon, some can get away with it while others are burned at the stake?

The whole idea of bans in Lebanon needs to be banned. Censorship is never the solution. Prohibition should never be allowed. Religious men should not be permitted near anything that exceeds their field. Go to your churches, parishes and mosques and leave books, movies and TV shows alone.


33 thoughts on “Tannoura Maxi is Banned in Lebanon

  1. Thanks God there is some free souls who wrote these words!!!
    Please let’s do something against Culture terrorism!!
    I support Tannoura Maxi mn kell jawer7eh!!


  2. بدلاً من الصلاة من اجل الضحايا في لبنان و بدلاً من الخوف على بلادنا من حرب اهلية، اذا بهم يركضون من الصباح الباكر الى الوزارات لإيقاف فيلم “تنوره ماكسي”…

    مهما حاولتم قمع اصوات الاحرار، سيأتي اليوم الذي فيه يعلو صوت الحق فينقلب على
    القلوب الصمّاء…
    التزمت الصمت كثيراً، وعضضت على الجرح كثيراً ايضاً و لكن اليوم لا مواطنيّتي ولا فّني ولا ايماني بمسيحي، يسمحون لي بالصمت. اقول لكم ان اردتم ابعادنا عن ايماننا بالحق فلن تستطيعوا ابداً لأن الايمان الحقيقي هو الذي لا يهتز لأول ريح عاتيةٍ هوجاء…
    الجزورالمتشبّثة بالارض لا تهتزّ للعاصفة ولا لرياحها الباردة بل من عمق اعماقها تبث في شراين اغصانها اثماراً للمواسم التي قد تكون ماتت فيها عواصف الكبرياء.

    لست هنا لادافع عنك يا مسيحي بل لادافع عن نفسي كإبنن لك و عن اخوتي الذين احببتهم اكثر من حبك لنفسك…
    لست هنا لادافع عن الفن المطلق بل لادافع عن وطنٍ يحرَم ابنائه من التعبير…

    حرّية الفكر لا تطالها ايادي الجهل و منابرالحرية حتى لو أُشعِلَت، تأتي النارالمتقدة بالسنتها لتتكلّم…


  3. Couldn’t say it better!! I wish that effort made by our priest (and journalism) was for something that would actually do us, Christians, some good; maybe the fact that our land is not ours anymore, or the fact that we can’t make a living without being thousands of km away from home, or that parents should sell a liver to be able to put their children in a Catholic school……
    Shi Bi2arrif really!!


    • I totally agree. I was lucky enough to go to an affordable Catholic school in Batroun. Instead of panicking over selling land, why don’t they help those who are selling instead of worrying about a useless movie?


  4. هل الكنيسة ضعيفة لتكون دائما” بخطر؟و من يدافع عنها؟

    أولا” الكنيسة ecclesia هي جماعة النفوس المؤمنة و ليست هياكل الأبنية و لا محتوياتها كما تفهم الناس،و إن كانت ضعيفة و بخطر يعني النفوس إيمانها ضعيف بالله حاميها من خطر سيطرة إبليس عليها، و إن كانت هكذا يعني أن راعيها لا يقوم بواجبه التبشيري الحق ليقويها و يبعد عنها الذئاب، إنما يلتهي بحماية ما يُحافظ على مصلحته المهنية فيطهر ظاهر الكأس و الصحن وهما من الداخل مملوءان بالنهب و الدعارة:متى23/25 و يخاف أن يكتشف الناس داخله.
    من يخاف من المنظور على إيمانه هو الذي لم يدخل بعد إلى داخله ليرى الإله لأن إن رآه في ذاته لا يعود بحاجة للصورة و لا تعود الصورة تهز كيانه إن تشوهت،لأنه سيعرف أن ذاته و جسده هما صورة المسيح المتجسد المقدس و القربان المتنقل على وجه الأرض.

    إبقوا في جهلكم أيها الناس ليبقى سيف الخوف و الحروب على رقابكم و تعيشوا الإيمان الصنمي طول حياتكم…….
    Amale Berberi


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  6. My dear friend,
    i haven’t seen the movie, but was intrigued to know why it was banned. Whatever the reason is, of one thing i am VERY sure, that if you truly claim to be christian, u would the better know that “Jesus would have NEVER advertised evil…” (with its manifold meanings ). So if the movie didn’t advertise evil and still was banned, then i am on your side 100% in all you said, but if it did advertise evil, then i don’t think that anyone can presume to say that Jesus would’ve have approved of it. (jesus is with freedom, he did give us freedom, but he also gave us the mind and the spirit to better use this freedom wisely)

    You say that the they should be concerned with the more important things about lebanon , i tell you BE the BEGINNING…instead of making a movie about a love story between a priest and a girl, why not make a movie where you project a vision of a better lebanon, a movie showing people actually uniting and rallying in the streets together not over a politician, but because they want a better way of life, rallying because the fuel costs 40,000 LL and because there is no social security , or retirement plans…

    if you have the means to make a movie that can reach thousands of people and plant ideas in their minds…and if you criticize how a certain party left everything and banned this movie, i tell you BE THE CHANGE…you, make the first step…and all who are with your cause will certainly follow…Advertise Good instead of Bad



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  8. Saying that priests are insulting christianity while you haven’t even read a word from the bible? If you had, you would have known that just watching such a movie is a grave sin, and if you had at least gone to the church some days, you would have known that sinning everywhere and going to the church won’t save you from hell, u must live your whole liFe as though it was in the church, I’m not surprised to see that so many people do not read the bible, nowadays most are just sinners, but I’m surprised to see you claiming you know what jesus wants more than priests, what are you basing this on? Just go and say you’re not a christian and buy every Movie like this and watch it, there are alot, you do not like to make it seem like you’re good, you aren’t and what u said is the proof…


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